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“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” The Wuss, George W. ("The Wuss") Bush, speaking at Gridiron Club dinner, Wash., D.C., Mar 2001, 6 months before Sep 11 2001

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Read and Repeat:
"Traditional Biblical marriage" has historically been defined as "between one man and one woman once."

That definition was changed to suit modern Christians. Divorce laws changed accordingly.
Unlike those changes made to accommodate the majority of modern hets' adoption of non-traditional, un-Biblical lifestyles - without the word "once" -- same-gender marriage equality actually promotes marriage by example, through the existence of same-gender couples who are already married, and the large number of same-gender couples who want to get married.

Advocates for the recognition of same-gender marriage equality honor marriage by validating the locally issued documents which publicly certify the existence of a unique bond between two consenting adults: a marriage license.

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Hello, Iran!
The weak "Chief Justice" of Iran, Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi, is legally impotent compared to the new powers to over-rule him taken by the Special Supervision Bureau of Iran's Justice Department! Even though he ruled specifically and clearly against it, the useless "Chief Justice" couldn't even stop the murder of an innocent boy illegally hung like this by Iran's powerful "Special Supervision Bureau" Even though he ruled against it, supposedly 'Chief Justice' Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi couldn't even stop a boy from being illegally hung like this by the powerful 'Special Supervision Bureau'

Kidnapped For Christ Documentary
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Joining The U.S. Military Is A Hateful Career Supporting War Criminals
Don't Enlist, Don't Re-Enlist, Get Out ASAP!

Show Your Disapproval Of Endless War By Committing Peace Today

Caught on tape again:
Military recruiters using lies and threats
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Employers: It's YOUR Time!
Do Your Part by Re-Hiring Returning Veterans of All Services, Including National Guard and Reserve!
Disabled and Injured Vets, Front of Every Line!

It's Right, It's Time, and It's the LAW!

EMPLOYERS: Patriots don't need to be told, and you're sitting on the biggest inventories you've had in a long time. Get selling so we can get buying so you can get hiring!
"A man who dangles worms in the water is not necessarily a friend to the fish." - Malcolm X

"We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant." - Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies


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This one is not about Miss Anita Bryant 2009 despite the short lead-in. MSNBC's David Schuster finally asks Brian Brown, the Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage -- NOM, working out of -- most of the right questions, and doesn't take a known lie for an answer.
Repeat the big lie often enough...

How did these hyper-religious, evangelistic het supremacists convince themselves to leave it out: "Without religious accommodations, ..."

How do they continue to convince themselves it's okay to pay others to lie publicly in ads broadcast hundreds of times each day in target markets?

How do they justify continuing to lie through transparent, intentional omission -- meant to create a fraudulent, opposite view of the content and meaning of the "scholar's letter" they highlight in their $1.5-million anti-gay ad campaign?

The scholar whose letter they partially quoted is unambiguous and unmistakable: there is nothing wrong with same-gender marriages, and all of the potential problems listed will be fixed easily by including his recommended accommodation for religious beliefs.

For example, making it clear that religious marriage will not change; religious groups still will never be forced to marry a same-gender couple, or any couple they don't want to marry, for any reason, or even be required to perform marriage ceremonies at all.

It makes one wonder how long ago and how far back the Neo-Christian Nationalists, super-pseudo-patriotic survivalists, apocalyptic fundamentalists, and evangelistic theocrats left plain honesty in favor of political expediency, in this world, on this planet, now, or else. According to their faith, Jesus and God can run governments without the unethical forces of self-centered, self-righteous human intervention; but the people who have fallen under the spell of this dark shadow don't have that much faith, apparently.

NOM's newest massively marketed anti-gay Anita Bryantine beauty queen ad is based on that one intentional distortion; more accurately, that lie. These creeps know they are under a microscope yet are certain a majority of hets will support them even if they blatantly lie!

The suggestion of "the scholar", to be sure to include religious accommodations in the same-gender marriage bill, was changed: "Without religious accommodation, it will create legal conflicts for individuals, small businesses, and religious organizations..." became only "It will create legal conflicts for individuals, small businesses, and religious organizations...."

For what it's worth, nothing like a majority of Californians supported H8, nor do a majority of Californians support these tools of GOPhers and TV evangelists. A small majority of the Californians who voted in the 2008 elections voted in favor of Prop. H8. Prop. H8 was only the most recent time several of the largest organized, tax-sheltered religions combined to interfere in our state with a massive, lie-based, multi-million-dollar, christohet supremacist campaign that lasted a couple of years. The battle was won by pro-H8 votes (okay, one time: "pro-8 votes") based on religions.

New GOP.COMedy: Minnesota Republican State Senator Paul E. Koering Is Incompetent And Stupid And Gay His admin. asst., Ken Swecker, is those and a pompous, rude twit. They are begging to be replaced ASAP.

Depleted Uranium article:
They Were Young Once, and Fit
by Sheila Samples



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"Take away the right to say 'fuck'
and you take away the right to say 'fuck the government.'"
Lenny Bruce


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Being Gay Is Not A Crime June 26, 2003
Being Gay Is Not A Crime
June 26, 2003

Lesbian Couple: Victory Is So Sweet Jun 26 2003
Supreme Court Topples
U.S. Anti-“Sodomy” Laws
June 26, 2003

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Boycott for Human Rights in China, Tibet and Taiwan

Boycott China!

Boycott Made In China

It's almost the least we can do
for the anonymous murdered victims
sacrificed as material parts
for the evolution of humanity
expressing its brutality, perhaps

here's hoping

that past, future and current
enslavements, tortures and deaths
do fulfill some sort of minimum requirement

to achieve a bit more freedom

a longer life

for someone

else, somewhere, sometime

because only nothing is less than that

killing and selling people

for travel and exhibiting

the wonders of those humans’ bodies

yet you'll never tell their true names

Or their real stories

Of their real lives

Or their real ends.

For instance,
which prisons were bribed to carry out
the specific executions you ordered
and delivered enough of the correct dead humans

on time?



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