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Nov 06 2008
Gay Obama Revelers Attacked Over Rainbow Flag
Assaultive GOPher Jumps Pair At White House

Obama Nation discredited (below)

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Why is the US news media sitting on this story?
Video Below: Greg Palast. It's one of the biggest censored stories of the last ten years and the US news media passed on yet another chance to tell it. This week, Republicans stormed out of Congress rather than participate in a vote to censure The Wuss for not cooperating with an investigation of corruption in the Justice Department.
What's the big deal?
And what does it have to do with the 2008 elections?

The big deal is that the Wuss administration did indeed politicize the Justice Department and violated the law to do it. The big question is WHY did the Wuss administration remove federal prosecutors and replace them with political hacks? The answer: They were setting the stage for the 2008 election fraud. The perpetrators of the illegal "voter caging lists" are now their own prosecutors. Watch the video above and see Greg Palast put the pieces together.

P.S.: CNN and the other lame news networks focused on the Republican Congressmen and their little temper tantrum when they stormed out of Congress rather than participate in the vote to censure The Wuss for refusing to cooperate with Justice Dept. corruption investigations. What was missed was the WHY. There is enough evidence to put Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales in jail and prevent another fraud in the 2008 presidential election.

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Below, Greg Palast on PBS' top current affairs program. "NOW" further explores the story Palast first broke open for Britain's "BBC Newsnight": the illegal Republican scheme to eliminate voters of color - the "Blue" (Democratic) ones - ahead of the 2004 elections. Greg Palast lays out the evidence. The 2008 elections have already been affected in similar ways.

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Ballot Measures

Amendment 2 Debate
John Stemberger vs. Nadine Smith / are fighting a state constitutional amendment banning all benefits for same-gender and unmarried opposite-gender couples. There are already 4 Florida laws against same-gender equal marriage benefits.

Benefits like the ability to purchase a local government document called a "marriage license" from the appropriate public servant, to create a public record of a two-person personal contract called a "marriage", with all attendant rights and responsibilities, will not be created by voting against Amendment 2.
SayNo2 button"Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."
The wording, especially "or the substantial equivalent thereof," is too ambiguous, leading to this additional court reading of the amendment: "no legal union that is treated as the substantial equivalent of 'marriage' shall be valid or recognized." Senior citizen groups are serious, independent allies in the fight against Florida's Amendment 2.

Based on experiences in other states (Michigan, Kentucky) where similar wording was stretched soon after passage to break the promises of pro-amendment activists who had said that the amendments were not a precusor to eliminated existing benefits. The same groups which developed and helped to pass the anti-marriage amendments soon moved to eliminate as many existing, registered domestic partnerships from receiving "legal-union-based" benefits in those states as possible.

Passage of this Amendment to the Florida Constitution, although it is clearly directed against marriage equality for Florida's same-gender couples, would include follow-up campaigns to eliminate existing domestic partner benefits in Florida from wherever they are already provided and taken advantage of by hets and gays alike who are not legally married. These anti-gay campaigns include convincing stockholders to question the financial and corporate image costs of providing domestic partnership benefits for any of the companies' employees. Please visit the campaign web sites.
graphic link to FloridaRedandBlue web site

Another Anti-Gay State Constitutional Amendment

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced in a non-"girlie-man" way that he will veto or work to defeat any such amendment or law if it gets as far as his desk.

Then-governor Pete Wilson (R) made a promise in his day too, to sign legislation guaranteeing the equality of Californians who were or were thought to be gay, lesbian, or heterosexual if it got to his desk.

Pete Wilson is also the former presidential candidate who killed his own campaign on Day One by staging the announcement of his candidacy at the Statue of Liberty. It was a big, badly timed political turd because of the national public's heightened awareness of the race-based controversy and division Wilson was causing as governor of California. Incompetent GOPher Neo-Christian Nationalist hypocrisy writ large.

When California's Congress did pass the anti-discrimination bill easily and it got to his desk, soon after he was elected governor with the help of California's gays despite his (R), he vetoed the law instead, after running out the clock while "we" prematurely celebrated its passage.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego; many state offices experienced a wide range of Queer Rage that historic day and night. Fire was involved, and broken glass.

Although Pete Wilson was based in San Diego there was no spontaneous protest here when the news came out. Our response was scheduled and arranged for us, for the next day, after work. Except for me, it turned out to be an orderly, medium-sized, permitted protest (speak-out) based within a very small area on a short, blocked-off side street, directly in front of an entrance to the State's building downtown. There were cops on the rooftops. Cops with video cameras. Undercover cops pretending to be gay. Properly outraged gay and lesbian community representatives spoke from a stage created by a rented medium-sized flatbed or flatbed trailer. We marched in a small circle and said a few chants. There were a few protest signs.

Yours truly was the only one "arrested" that day in San Diego. That's what the local fishwrap reported anyway. In the world of reality, I was cuffed and held, interrogated and threatened with video evidence. Then they gave up and let me go.
After they already decided to bust me for what they thought they had me doing on film, I apparently surprised them by going into the public building immediately when they re-opened it after the protest ended. Along with other people who had been waiting for the state building closed by the protest to re-open, I had to take the elevator up to whatever floor held the governor's San Diego office. The actual office of the governor is way up in Sacramento. I had attempted, through his secretary, to make an appointment to see the governor the next time he was in town. They "arrested" me just outside the governor's office. All very dramatic. Then they took me into an office and I sat at a table while holding court for the captive audience of state cops.

I was pretty manic of course by that time so I had a blast brainfucking the cutest of the "undercover gay" state cops, the one who had been standing next to me in the crowd listening to the speakers, who had changed out of his "undercover gay" drag into his un-uniformed state cop drag. I never let up with questions about knowing him from a local gay bathhouse, loud enough for the other cop alphas to hear.

Plus I was annoying as a friendly, talkative, intentionally button-pushing gay activist who couldn't wait to get into a court room and turn it into a Queer Nation protest platform for any media willing to air it.

I repeatedly invited them to look at the video evidence again to see if they had enough evidence against me. When they came back it was clear they knew they didn't have enough to prove what they were trying to charge me with, or anything else, and they were not happy because it was also clear to them that I wasn't going to give them anything.

Once they had given up on busting me, they lead me back down through the building in handcuffs, which I think went well with my in my protest regalia, which included a black leather biker's jacket, down through the back offices until they decided to let me go out the front door. No arrest at all, and I had a wonderful time.
You can imagine how lovely "we" all felt recently when the City of San Diego installed a statue of Pete Wilson downtown in a showcase position. The unfortunate and angry victims of one of the kind of propositions and laws Pete Wilson signed - pure Neo-Christian Nationalism - victims of a particularly nasty law which wrote anti-Mexican racism into state law turned out on statue installation and dedication day in large enough numbers to frighten the locals. "We" were there also, in typically small San Diego numbers inadequately representing San Diego's big gay strength. There is at least one 24/7 security camera watching Pete Wilson's statue continue to waste San Diego's money for Pete Wilson's personal gain.

elefinks - Operation Yellow Elephant - Help Enlist Young Republicans

Family group targets judge over gay-rights ties
Sat Jul 26 2008
By John Agar
The Grand Rapids Press
ALLEGAN COUNTY -- An organization promoting Kevin Cronin seems to be jumping the gun by attacking a sitting judge during the primaries over an election which won’t happen until November, using recorded phone calls to tell potential voters about the judge’s “ties to homosexual groups.”

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association, said Allegan County Circuit Judge William Baillargeon has a “long history of involvement with homosexual activist groups that promote so-called homosexual marriage and other radical elements of the homosexual agenda ... .”

The automated calls started Friday morning, Glenn said, and are intended to run through the Aug. 5 primary.

However, the Circuit Court race -- Judge Baillargeon is being challenged by attorney Kevin Cronin -- isn’t until November.

When told this by a Press reporter, Glenn said: “At worst, Allegan County voters will become aware of the information sooner than planned. We think this campaign is going to be enough so that voters become aware of his history.”

Judge Baillargeon said he was disappointed by the “nonsense” allegations that serve only to cause fear. He urged voters to talk to police, attorneys and court workers to determine if he should get their vote.

“The only agenda I have is to administer the laws of the state of Michigan and the U.S. Constitution as written. I’m sad to see that people want to go that route.”

Judge Baillargeon, appointed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm last year to serve the rest of retired Judge Harry Beach’s six-year term, earlier told The Press he once served on the board of advisers for the Detroit-based Triangle Foundation, which serves the gay and lesbian community.

In the early to mid-1990s, Judge Baillargeon also volunteered as a youth-group facilitator for the Affirmations (Catholic) Lesbian and Gay Community Center in Ferndale.

He also is a longtime member of the anti-gay Knights of Columbus, affiliated with the anti-gay Roman Catholic Church, and became a lector at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Douglas.

He discounted any notion that affiliations would color his judgment.

“I think we all have special rights by virtue of the fact we’re citizens of the United States of America. As citizens, we all have the same rights. I have no interest whatsoever in expanding that for any particular group.”

Cronin, who is challenging Judge Baillargeon, said he had not been contacted by Glenn. He hoped Glenn’s campaign was not “bashing the judge” under the assumption he is gay “because I don’t know he is gay. If he is, it’s just irrelevant to the campaign.”

Cronin planned to “continue my positive campaign, talking about what’s best for families.”

Baillargeon said his sexuality is “not an issue. How justice is (administered) -- that’s my only issue.”

Triangle Foundation spokesman Sean Kosofsky said Glenn pushes an extreme, hateful agenda, regardless of who gets hurt. He said Glenn, a Midland resident, had no business getting involved in the Allegan County election.

“Gary Glenn spends all his time attacking people that he disagrees with,” Kosofsky said.

-- Grand Rapids Press reporter John Tunison contributed to this story.

©2008 Grand Rapids Press
© 2008 Michigan Live. All Rights Reserved.

Kucinich Wows New Hampshire Democratic Convention

Nov 30 2007
Dennis Kucinich addresses the
Democratic National Convention

Parts 1 & 2

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