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COWARD CAMPUS COP TREVIS AUSTIN Shot & Murdered Unarmed Naked 18-Yr-Old & Walked


TREVIS AUSTIN Shot & Killed A Naked Unarmed 18-Year-Old Freshman Because He Was Afraid Of Him, And Walked Free

Will be adding more to our first Blacklisted USA Cops entry. Blacklisted USA Cops should never be allowed to combine a badge with a gun again. No job requiring a blacklisted cop to be armed should ever be offered to one.

Trevis Austin is a murderer and a coward. He needs to be watched and monitored. He needs to be videotaped. His obscene cowardice renders him untrustworthy. He is an armed menace to every person he meets.

His bosses won’t do their sworn duty, they are complicit in his crimes, though they were ruled by the corrupt judge to be ‘immune’ from prosecution. It’s easy to see where Trevis Austin learned to do his job poorly, which only enhanced his cowardice.

There is no justice system for cops. WE are the only justice system these cops will ever experience. Prosecuting district attorneys: corrupt. Cops’ judges: corrupt. Perjury is allowed and goes unpunished.

All of this is geared to protecting criminal cops, in addition to the racist, corrupted, criminal FOP, the so-called ‘benevolent societies’, and the arrogant, corrupt cop unions’. They are MOSTLY craven criminals with badges and too many guns.

Yellow coward punks like Trevis Austin are a danger to every person. So here’s a list.

You need to be aware of what he looks like, where he works, his job duties, where he works ‘off-duty’, etc., because Trevis Austin has proven his cowardice is deadly and knows no bounds.

He is still an armed coward. He will murder you simply because he is afraid of you, even if you are a teenager, and his only response to his cowardice is to shoot you dead.

Shun Trevis Austin, Armed Coward Murderer Of Teenagers, In All Ways, In All Settings, No Matter What.

Make Certain That Your Friends, Acquaintances, Business Associates Have His Name, Badge Number And Photo.

Hang warning posters wherever Trevis Austin might appear for any reaason, so that they and the public will know they are dealing with a frightened incompetent with an itchy trigger finger who has already murdered once and gotten away with it.

Shame on him. Shame on us if we let this stand without shunning Trevis Austin for the rest of his life.

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