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San Diego City Council: We Said NO $5-Million Special Elections

Tuesday June 06 2017

FROM: No One Special, One Voter
San Diego City Resident 1976-
San Diego CA 92116

TO:  San Diego City Mayor and City Council

According to the City’s website, San Diego City’s population is about 1,307,402 people and San Diego County’s population was 3,095,313 in the 2010 Census Bureau count.

112,000 petition signers would like San Diego City to spend $5,000,000 that City taxpayers earned, most of them hour-by-hour, to hold a special election that would authorize our governments to spend a lot of the money paid to them.

VIDEO: Soccer City Pushes San Diego For $5-Million Special Election, City Council Votes NO 8-1

The voters of San Diego have already voted not to hold any more special elections. The costs are too high, turnouts are too low and produce flawed pictures of residents’ opinions, and there is always a dramatic increase in opportunities taken to manipulate and mis-inform residents and voters.

Under the increased glare of regular election spotlighting, these common criminal practices are more easily spotted, reported, and stopped by City elections officials.

Except for certain campaigns’ advertising blitzes, special elections are practically held in the dark, by comparison.

San Diego decided it doesn’t like special elections when we were asked, and we recorded this officially, blocking our City Council’s future special election spending.

The petition signatures of 112,000 City residents cannot be held up as a serious counterweight outbalancing the will of San Diego’s 1,307,402 residents as expressed by its voters.

Petition signatures can be bought by paying the signature gatherers per signature. This practice inevitably leads to a certain amount of fraud. What company gathered these signatures? Who verified that the signers are at least residents of the City of San Diego, and preferably are also voters registered here?

Because there is so much money involved–$5,000,000 to vote early on the Stadium site disposition via soccer deals, and the San Diego Convention Center expansion deals–pure or evil motives must not be invented or presumed; verifications must be made at each step of this process.

Nothing on this ballot is an extra-five-million-dollars’-worth of emergency. If waiting raises the costs of any of the affected budget items by more than $5,000,000, then negotiations must bring that cost back down.

Predicted income increase losses from starting hotel tax raising after spending that extra $5 million, if it passes, now instead of in 2018, can be replaced by the City with income from a year’s worth of ‘tax increase coming’ sales which would probably be worth more, and would generally be more palatable to everyone, betcha. Some similar activities could also give that 2018 tax increase vote a leg up after a year’s worth of pro-tax-raise campaigning.

Gamble on doing your jobs well: separately authorize the money for the homeless programs by borrowing from approved budget items not yet in need of all of their funding, because you are that certain you will get it onto the 2018 ballot, and we will vote to authorize you to spend the money to repay those loaner items.

Our offers to the soccer league, and theirs to us, are made more valid by insisting that the league honestly meet our current requirements, as we intend to meet theirs as a franchisee. San Diego would set a good intial tone for that long-term relationship.

San Diego’s long-term support of San Diego soccer and soccer in general will be seriously affected by lingering resentments if all parties don’t follow the rules as we’ve laid them out already, plainly.

We, The People Of San Diego City, have already paid the taxes that you, our government, spent to gather our votes on the subject, and we reject special elections.

We told future soccer leagues, Stadium re-constructions, Convention Center expansions, homeless programs, and everyone, to wait until we all get the opportunity to vote in a regular election, or line up behind the Chargers at the exits.

Let’s pull together instead of apart. Follow the rules as we’ve written them, and as the City Council affirmed them, 8-1.

Resident, Our City of San Diego

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