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“Yo estoy loco, pero no soy tonto.”


Decided to move entire away from old-style web pages/web site into blog format for many reasons, including making things easier to find. I’m over-tagging and categorizing for now, those will be consolidated as we go along.

This should keep me busy and out of trouble for quite a while.

Allan, Xe is a satirical slap by at Blackwater’s international mercenary business being re-named from Blackwater to Xe because of Blackwater’s horrible reputation for murdering civilians and for not taking care of its own injured and killed mercenaries.

Because of other previous and current uses of “Xe” it is assumed that “Xe” means a newer, nicer version of something. Something with a criminal history, like the company Blackwater.

Compared to Blackwater’s reputation, is an official Boy Scouts of America, Inc. web site (it isn’t).

But our reputation needed an upgrade too (because the publisher of became a criminal), so we’re, Xe the blog instead of the web site, and, Xe is nothing like

Does anyone think the PRWTs (proud right-wing terrorists) will buy that bullshit as easily as they sell Blackwater, Xe’s?

2008 Video: Five Blackwater mercenaries ordered to turn themselves in for trial over Iraq massacre

In the case of Blackwater, its “Xe” version changes nothing about the fact that Blackwater’s owner has the smell of an unindicted capital criminal in the U.S.A. and the odor of an international war criminal, and that he is yet another proud neo-Christian nationalist and het supremacist, as are many (not all) of his “contractors”.

For example: “The former senior CIA official said that close to a dozen Blackwater “surrogates” were recruited to join the death squad program. The recruits, the former official said, were not told they were working for the CIA. The official did not know how Blackwater found them. The program reportedly cost millions of dollars over an eight-year span. A precise figure is not available because of the agency’s classified budget. … The trainees never got a chance to prove themselves. They were never provided a target and no operation was ever approved. CIA spokesman George Little said the program yielded no successes. … The CIA started planning for its death squad project shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.”

P.S.:;, Xe; Those Wacky Heterosexuals; and Strange, True & Religious are essentially ad-free, non-commercial advocacy websites. Some people might call them a labor of love, collectively. It is more accurate to describe them as a haphazard collection of pressure release valves, with function pushing design.