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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said,

“We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge disguised to attack our civilization.”

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MUSICVID Sanders’ Campaign Song? Beatles ‘Revolution’

Romney Has Contempt For Mythical 47%, POTUS JFK Took Responsibility For Real 91%

“Harry Truman once said, ‘There are 14 or 15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests, and that the interests of the great mass of the other people — the 150 or 160 million — is the responsibility of the President of the United States, and I propose to fulfill it.’”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, speaking in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Convention of the United Auto Workers on May 8, 1962.

This passage was featured in the Charles Guggenheim documentary that was, until recently, shown to visitors to the John F. Kennedy museum.

VID 'The Newsroom' - The Tea Party Is The American Taliban

\’The Newsroom\’ – The Tea Party Is The American Taliban

The National Republican Election-Rigging Conspiracy of 2012

The National Republican Election-Rigging Conspiracy of 2012 Already Showing Its Infection As Numerous Blatant Crimes Committed During Maine Primary Caucuses

A few new tricks and reliance on the old reliables, we see the evidence everywhere of the Republican Party’s official adoption of a national policy of try-to-buy-or-steal every election, every time.

Maybe some day we will be able to trust elections in the U.S.A. again. That day is not this day.

Women, minorities, autistic children: Supremacist radio’s hatred not reserved for Obama

Media Matters for America documented the nationwide network of supremacist radio hosts — personalities without the national prominence of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh — as they engaged in an all-out effort to foment hate and suspicion of Barack Obama by participating actively in an echo chamber of smears and falsehoods about the primary candidate and then Democratic nominee.

But these same supremacist radio hosts were by no means discerning in their vitriol and did not save their ire solely for Obama. The smears ran the gamut, in the context of the 2008 election and beyond.

Immigrants, female politicians (and women in general), the LGBT community, the poor and homeless, minorities, progressives, unions, college students, and even autistic children were targets of these radio personalities’ invective. Media Matters and Colorado Media Matters have compiled some of their more noteworthy attacks on these groups.


  • G. Gordon Liddy

G. Gordon Liddy smeared undocumented Mexican immigrants, claiming they “want to reconquer America, they say”

  • Jim Quinn, Lee Rodgers

Conservative radiohosts claimed HUD said 5 million illegal immigrants were given subprime mortgages, despite HUD’s reported denials

  • Michael Savage

Savage: “Illegal aliens” have “raped and disheveled” the Statue of Liberty

Videos: Anti-Gay Political Scapegoater, ‘Religious’ Profiteer, Sally Kern (GOPher-Oklahoma City) Same As Islamic Party of Britain

Here is another example of the Sally Kern approach to certain human beings, where you can become informed about the same issues by a different self-anointed public moralist, with scapegoating and blame likewise being placed on the same tiny minority to excuse any or all failures of the overwhelming majority: “The Organised Homosexual Movement: Its Methods And Its Goals“.


Press Release: Representative Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Tirade

Advocacy Alert: Representative Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Rant

Response: Kern Responds to Activist Criticisms

Response: HRC’s Joe Solmonese: Dear Governor Henry

Stay Informed: Oklahoma Hate Crimes

Oklahomans for Equality is funded entirely through private and individual donors. Please support OkEq’s mission and vital advocacy work now!

Local Media Coverage Television

The Oklahoman, Hundreds gather to protest Kern’s comments, Mar 18 2008
Includes extensive video

KOTV Tulsa Channel 6 continuing coverage
Includes videos of both Tulsa and Oklahoma city press conferences as well as an interview with
Kern’s African-American neighbors

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