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Social Security Adds $0 To USA Deficit

Which Has A Crisis?!
in Trillions of Dollars

Social Security
Trust Fund FACTS


Killing People Is Expensive

Costs of USA’s
War Against Iraq
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Casualty Count
Afghanistan Coalition Forces

in Billions of Dollars


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said,

“We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge disguised to attack our civilization.”

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The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption (Sneak Preview)

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

A series of Pet Health blog posts hosted by the website,creators ofThe Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

Thinking about adopting a furry companion? That’s great! Pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted and re-homed. Giving a new forever after home to a rescued pet is a big decision. You want to give him a loving home and the best care possible. Pet adoption is lots of fun, but it does take time to plan and research.

You may ask yourself: How does it work? How do you choose the right pet? Where can I find a rescue or shelter near me? How does the adoption process work? We know you’ve got many questions on pet adoption, and we’ve put the answers together for you! We have created “The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption”. This guide is divided into captivating articles that will teach you everything you need to know about pet adoption. Also, keep a lookout for great tips to simplify your pet adoption process.

Conservative Political Action Committee, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney Sponsored By Racist John Birch Society Conspiracy Nuts

Rachel Maddow Exposes John Birch Society Conspiracy Theories

CPAC and modern conservative movement choosing to align itself with these guys, letting these guys cosponsor a mainstream conservative event like the Conservative Political Action Conference in February — I mean, that`s just — it`s, well, wait. On the one hand, given what the John Birch Society was and is, it is kind of hysterical that CPAC has chosen to align itself with them. On the other hand, given the state of the conservative movement today, maybe this is a natural coming together.

Certainly a lot of people calling other people commies now.

Listen, if I were the John Birch Society, I wouldn`t want people to know these things about my record, either. But your record is your record, and when confirmed speakers at next year`s CPAC like Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney get up to speak at that event, they will be speaking at an event cosponsored by the John Birch Society. And maybe then it will be worth asking if they also think that the civil rights movement was a secret plot to turn, say, Arkansas into a Negro Soviet Republic.

What’s wrong with the hets? Why are they slaughtering their own families?

Why are the heterosexuals slaughtering each other? We have no idea. This link goes to a list of videos from the excellent coverage being given to this story by WAFF48News at

These six murders are the work of only one heterosexual. He has confessed. We accept his confession. Like many other heterosexuals who have done this recently, five of the six people he attacked and murdered were in his own immediate family. He murdered six people in two states during an extremely short period of time.

While GLIBTs certainly can, do, and will murder, hets seem to be on a strange acceleration of these kinds of self-destructive clan killings lately, even beyond their 90%-plus-ish majority representation in all general population demographics.

Suspect arrested in mass homicide that killed 6

Jul 19 2009

The Tennessee Bureau Investigation says that the motive in the case is a heterosexual person in a legal opposite-gender marriage committing domestic violence.

Jacob Lee Shaffer (Courtesy: Lincoln County Sheriff's Department)

Jacob Levi Shaffer, 30
(Courtesy: Lincoln County, Tenn. Sheriff’s Department)

Jul 19 2009 Names released in mass homicide that killed 6

Video: ‘INSiDE’ Entire 5-minute award-winning short film

INSiDE was directed by Trevor Sands ©All rights reserved
See the high resolution version at:

21st Annual Kris Amorosi Memorial Bingo Run Aug 2 2009!

POST-BINGO RUN UPDATE at end of post

Attention! Are You Ready? August 2 2009
21st Annual Kris Amoresi Memorial Bingo Run!

You don’t have to be a biker or even attend the Bingo Run
to help Cameron, who’s on the ride of his very young life.
AMA-sanctioned, cars welcome!

All donations accepted.
Please call Sandy at 518-792-1713

This year you’ll be helping a five-month-old boy from Queensbury, in upstate New York.

Cameron Quartiers was born four months premature. He weighed 1 lb. 3 oz. and was 11 inches long. He has a lot of growing to do. He had open heart surgery at three weeks of age. He is still in Albany Medical with several other medical issues. He has a two-year-old sister, Schuyler.

The costs of daily trips to Albany, medical bills, getting the special equipment for his care when he comes home, etc., are some of the things that put a strain on the family.

Can you make sure this is the best Annual Kris Amorsi Memorial Bingo Run the Adirondack Riders Motorcycle Club (A.M.A. District 3) has ever put on? Can you make sure that Cameron and his family are blown away by how much love the people in this world are willing to show them? Thanks!

Hey you! On the cell phone!

How to Practice Cell Phone Etiquette

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

To most of us, cell phones are a life saver, but rude cell phone users are the thorns in our sides. They’re pretty much anywhere that there’s a cell phone signal. The thing is, we could all probably use a little primer on cell phone etiquette. After all, most people who are being annoying don’t realize they’re being annoying. Could that be you?


  1. Keep a 10-foot (3 meter) distance between you and anyone else whenever you talk on your phone. No exceptions.
  2. Don’t talk too loudly. Generally you don’t have to shout in the microphone to be heard on the other end.
  3. Don’t multi-task. Don’t make calls while driving, shopping, banking, waiting in line, or doing pretty much anything that involves interacting with other human beings.
  4. Don’t talk on the phone in any enclosed spaces, even if you’re more than 10 feet away from anyone. They can still hear you (because it’s an enclosed space) and usually, they’re forced to just sit there and listen.
    • Bathrooms
    • Elevators
    • Waiting rooms
    • Auditoriums
    • Buses
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