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Murders - U.S.A.

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For the people in these pages and for countless others, most had no idea when they sent them out the door into a battle in the het war on Queers; a front-line war zone from which they did not return.

Terry Randolph Hunter

ITS name is ROBERT LEE HANNAH. This is ITS face. IT lives in Washington, D.C. Look for IT. Point IT out. Mock IT. Fire IT. Refuse to serve IT.2011-07-01_news_6396_6334Discriminate against IT because IT is an ANTI-GLIBT MURDERER. Ruin IT. Tell IT why. Loudly. ITS name is ROBERT LEE HANNAH.


Robert Lee Hannah charged only with misdemeanor in D.C. anti-gay murder

Original story by Yusef Najafi, for

Metro Weekly

Jul 17 2009

A Washington, D.C. Superior Court grand jury has indicted anti-gay murderer Robert Lee Hannah only with a misdemeanor assault charge for the Sept. 7, 2008, attack that left Terry Randolph Hunter dead. As usual, the jury is accepting the murderer’s “gay panic defense” claim that he killed because he was groped.

Terry Randolph Hunter was en route to a Shaw-neighborhood gay bar when he was attacked by a group that included Robert Lee Hannah on the 1300 block of Eighth Street NW.

Terry Randolph Hunter, a Clinton, Md., resident, was 37 when he died 10 days after the attack. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for Aug. 17.

Chris Farris, co-chair of Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence, says he is “disgusted” by the charges brought against Robert Lee Hannah.

“A man is dead,” Farris said. “And his crime? He was walking into a gay bar. I wanted to see Robert Lee Hannah charged with murder.”

Farris said the city is sending a “disturbing” message with the misdemeanor indictment.

“If you kill a gay man, just say he groped you. You don’t have to have witnesses. And as long as the victim is dead, no one is going to challenge you.”

Farris and his GLOV co-chair, Todd Metrokin, have criticized the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia (USAO-DC) for accepting a claim by Robert Lee Hannah that Terry Randolph Hunter groped him, leading to the attack.

GLOV has also criticized USAO-DC for not interviewing a second victim, who was with Terry Randolph Hunter during the attack, immediately following the attack, and for charging only Robert Lee Hannah.

“If they have evidence that they’re not telling us, put it on the table,” Farris says. “The grand jury has come back, the rules for secrecy no longer apply. Tell us what the basis for your actions are. We have the right to know. You are there to protect us.”