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Social Security Adds $0 To USA Deficit

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said,

“We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge disguised to attack our civilization.”

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Videos: Anti-Gay Political Scapegoater, ‘Religious’ Profiteer, Sally Kern (GOPher-Oklahoma City) Same As Islamic Party of Britain

Here is another example of the Sally Kern approach to certain human beings, where you can become informed about the same issues by a different self-anointed public moralist, with scapegoating and blame likewise being placed on the same tiny minority to excuse any or all failures of the overwhelming majority: “The Organised Homosexual Movement: Its Methods And Its Goals“.


Press Release: Representative Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Tirade

Advocacy Alert: Representative Sally Kern’s Anti-Gay Rant

Response: Kern Responds to Activist Criticisms

Response: HRC’s Joe Solmonese: Dear Governor Henry

Stay Informed: Oklahoma Hate Crimes

Oklahomans for Equality is funded entirely through private and individual donors. Please support OkEq’s mission and vital advocacy work now!

Local Media Coverage Television

The Oklahoman, Hundreds gather to protest Kern’s comments, Mar 18 2008
Includes extensive video

KOTV Tulsa Channel 6 continuing coverage
Includes videos of both Tulsa and Oklahoma city press conferences as well as an interview with
Kern’s African-American neighbors

Except For Us

Millions of people world-wide gratefully accepted the Catholic pope’s best wishes for the New Year on Jan 01 2008:

For “those who are still denied their legitimate aspirations for a more secure existence, for health, education, stable employment, for fuller participation in civil and political responsibilities, free from oppression and protected from conditions that offend human dignity.”

Some of us know better — he does not include gay people as human beings worthy of such “legitimate aspirations.”

This same pope did not just lead the last pope in calling for our exclusion from equal protection and citizen rights worldwide.

This pope personally, publicly and frequently exhorts and encourages the world to exclude us from those very same “legitimate aspirations,” and is directly responsible for encouraging and justifying gay suicides, anti-gay discrimination, physical attacks and murder worldwide.

Mrs. Loving, African-American mixed-race marriages expert: Same-gender ban no different than ban against mixed-race marriages

Loving for All
By Mildred Loving

Prepared for Delivery on June 12, 2007,
The 40th Anniversary of the Loving vs. Virginia Announcement

When my late husband, Richard, and I got married in Washington, D.C. in 1958, it wasn’t to make a political statement or start a fight. We were in love, and we wanted to be married.

We didn’t get married in Washington because we wanted to marry there. We did it there because the government wouldn’t allow us to marry back home in Virginia where we grew up, where we met, where we fell in love, and where we wanted to be together and build our family. You see, I am a woman of color and Richard was white, and at that time people believed it was okay to keep us from marrying because of their ideas of who should marry whom.

When Richard and I came back to our home in Virginia, happily married, we had no intention of battling over the law. We made a commitment to each other in our love and lives, and now had the legal commitment, called marriage, to match. Isn’t that what marriage is?

The Wuss's Purposeful Leak Online Of Saddam Hussein's Biggest Bomb Plans

Center for American Progress Senior Vice President for National Security and International Affairs Joseph Cirincione discusses, on The Countdown with Keith Olbermann, reports that documents seized from the Saddam Hussein regime which included highly sensitive weapons-making information were intentionally posted by The Wuss on a U.S.A. government website.

Abolish all U.S. bias crime laws

Please note: Sarcasm alert

This was published on gaynet

From: Two Spirit Laughing
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 15:57:34 -0700
Subject: Abolish All American Bias Crime Laws

All federal, state and local bias crime laws should be abolished.

The creation of initial bias crime laws, or the possible addition of categories like disability, gender, age or sexual orientation to existing bias crime laws, are repeatedly discouraged by citizens who make observations like “all crimes are bias crimes.” They point to the recent death penalty or life imprisonment convictions for highly publicized bias crimes which ended in deaths, and say no further punishment is possible anyway.

Opponents of the addition of sexual orientation to existing bias crime laws, especially, take the time to assure everyone of their lack of bias against those who are not heterosexual. They declare that they simply do not want to create a special class of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered citizens, who would be granted special protection through greater penalties than those available to the heterosexual majority. They say they fear the punishment or intimidation of the thoughts or beliefs, or potential infringement upon the First Amendment free speech rights, of religious heterosexuals who choose to oppose equal rights for those who are not heterosexual.

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