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Social Security Adds $0 To USA Deficit

Which Has A Crisis?!
in Trillions of Dollars

Social Security
Trust Fund FACTS


Killing People Is Expensive

Costs of USA’s
War Against Iraq
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

Casualty Count
Afghanistan Coalition Forces

in Billions of Dollars


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said,

“We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred is a wedge disguised to attack our civilization.”

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The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption (Sneak Preview)

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

A series of Pet Health blog posts hosted by the website,creators ofThe Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

Thinking about adopting a furry companion? That’s great! Pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted and re-homed. Giving a new forever after home to a rescued pet is a big decision. You want to give him a loving home and the best care possible. Pet adoption is lots of fun, but it does take time to plan and research.

You may ask yourself: How does it work? How do you choose the right pet? Where can I find a rescue or shelter near me? How does the adoption process work? We know you’ve got many questions on pet adoption, and we’ve put the answers together for you! We have created “The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption”. This guide is divided into captivating articles that will teach you everything you need to know about pet adoption. Also, keep a lookout for great tips to simplify your pet adoption process.

MUSICVID Sanders’ Campaign Song? Beatles ‘Revolution’

Romney Has Contempt For Mythical 47%, POTUS JFK Took Responsibility For Real 91%

“Harry Truman once said, ‘There are 14 or 15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests, and that the interests of the great mass of the other people — the 150 or 160 million — is the responsibility of the President of the United States, and I propose to fulfill it.’”

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, speaking in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Convention of the United Auto Workers on May 8, 1962.

This passage was featured in the Charles Guggenheim documentary that was, until recently, shown to visitors to the John F. Kennedy museum.

Wayne Robert Ruks <> 'Gay panic defense' used in 2-on-1 Australian murder

Alleged killer may have been provoked, court told

The Courier-Mail
by Michael Madigan
Oct 08 2009

Australia — A man alleged to have killed a disabled pensioner who made a homosexual pass at him could be acquitted of murder because of anger resulting from childhood sexual abuse, a jury was told yesterday.

The Supreme Court jury was told it could carefully weight the issue of provocation when deciding if Jason Andrew Pearce murdered Wayne Robert Ruks, who was found dead in a Maryborough Church yard.

Pearce, 38, and Richard John Meerdink, 40, have pleaded not guilty to murdering Wayne Robert Ruks, 45, after a drunken altercation near St. Mary’s Catholic Church on the night of July 3 last year, 2008.

Justice Peter Applegarth, in his summing up, said he had allowed issues relating to the defence of provocation to go before the jury, but warned they must be treated carefully.

The defence has told the court Ruks both touched Pearce on the genitals and verbally propositioned him while Pearce was preparing some marijuana to smoke after the trio had been drinking at a nearby hotel.

Help honor Sen. Ted Kennedy; sign petition to pass ‘The Kennedy Bill’ version of health care reform

We’re over 23,000 signatures. Can you help us reach 40,000 by Monday?

Help Honor Ted Kennedy!

I just signed this petition to honor Ted Kennedy, which will be delivered to senators on Monday, August 31:

“Ted Kennedy was a courageous champion for health care reform his entire life. In his honor, name the reform bill that passed Kennedy’s health committee ‘The Kennedy Bill’ — then pass it, and nothing less, through the Senate.”

Will you sign the petition? You can sign here.


Letter to Arnold: I’ll kill myself publicly in your name rather than let you end my IHSS care

Inspired by this information, Arnold’s reply below, and other recent developments, the following letter was sent to Arnold via his website on June 18, 2009. Note for accuracy: the word “end” is used here instead of “cut”, but the letter was already sent with “cut”. Arnold has said he will cut 90% of the people currently receiving IHSS care off completely by cutting IHSS funding out of the budget. He also wants to reduce worker pay to minimum wage.

Dear Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I am 100% disabled and 99% homebound. After some 5 years of being disabled, it still took me 5 years of base suffering before I asked for the help that I needed and IHSS provides. If you cut IHSS as you promise in this reply letter you sent me, my hard-fought quality of life will deteriorate so fast and so far again that I will NOT wait for it to happen.

I am an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army, and I have some tiny measure of dignity left. I will not go into a care facility, nor will I allow myself to be jailed when my mental illnesses eventually spiral out of control as a result of this neglect by the state. I am also physically disabled.

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