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Is The Wuss Poised For Greatness?

Is President Bush Poised for Greatness?
Posted: Apr 25 2006
by Marie Jon

These inheritors of The Wuss legacy don't seem to think he's poised for greatness. Marie Jon's article predicting the greatness of The Wuss begins below.
middle finger baby thinks notbaby Boston Sox fan's finger signals The Wuss out of the running for greatness Young middle-finger Scot doesn't think The Wuss will ever be accused of greatness
There was a time when a president’s legacy would be written well after his death. Unfortunately, the writers and authors cannot let death hold up the process, so they start charting a legacy while presidents are still in office.

The books, however many of them there are, are out within a few short years, and the history that they tell is barely old enough to have such a word applied to it.

True: if you stumble upon a tree root sticking up from the ground, that is history, as you cannot undo what was. However, with presidents especially, the word history takes on a more compounded meaning.

A president’s history will not just be based upon actual and factual doings and happenings. It will be based upon many other things, like perception, the press, his or her enemies and allies, his relations with other world powers, even his family. Primarily, a president’s history will be based upon the views and interpretations of those who write it.

What will history say of President Bush?

Well, that would depend entirely upon who writes it. If The New York Times editorial board, say, were to pen a book about Bush, you could safely assume that it would be most unflattering.

In the same vein, if The Wall Street Journal were to do the same, the book would be of near-iconoclastic virtue when compared to what The New York Times had written. Even the book’s jacket would probably look to denote some sort of precursor as to what the reader is likely to find inside. In the Times version, a picture of Bush preoccupied and taciturn, possibly, with a backdrop being a nondescript hallway or some such area.

But in the Journal version, a shot of a commanding and confident President Bush inside the oval office, looking presidential and in charge.

Mostly, individual historians write the memoirs of history. After eight years as the world’s most powerful man, the Bush presidency will fill many pages, as no president in recent memory has had so much to do, and tried to do so much.

And as in most big endeavors, time judges whether history will be kind, or unkind to a president. Examples are abundant. From FDR’s “New Deal,” which many felt ushered in the era of big government and social experimentation, to Bush’s war against terrorism, which will be generational in scope, history watches, writes it down, amends, then casts judgment.

This will hold especially true for George W. Bush.

Bush has tried to do what few before him have dared, and that is to be assertive within the limits of his presidential power, while further exercising the “superpower” status that is exclusively that of the United States. We have seen this in the war against terror.

If the war against terror in Afghanistan is currently being looked upon as somewhat of a success, then the war in Iraq in being viewed as mostly a failure. I am of the opinion that time will rend [sic] the proper judgment in regard to this. Democracy, once taken root, needs time to flourish, even as those roots grow stronger.

After 9/11, Bush simply did not have the luxury of sitting back and lobbing a few cruise missiles, or worse, making empty boast’s [sic] and promises -- as his predecessor before him did.

When you are the world’s biggest kid on the block, and someone challenges you by hitting you, you hit them back so hard that whoever thinks of challenging you again will think thrice. It is not enough to be a benevolent superpower, and flex one’s muscles for show. One must use them from time to time.

What President Bush has done is, quite simply, astonishing. He has brought the concept of Democracy to 50 million Islamist’s [sic],and used American might to free both Iraq and Afghanistan from the yoke of totalitarianism. He has promoted and exercised the “Bush doctrine,” which essentially says that America will not wait for danger to come to it any longer; instead, America will preempt it by attacking first.

Further, because Bush acted boldly and decisively, he has caused a domino effect within the world’s most non-modernistic region. Libya has divested itself of its WMD’s, and Pakistan -- though not perfect -- has become an ally against terrorism. The recent flap over the UAE and the Ports Deal effectively shrouded the fact that this same UAE has been one of America’s principle supporters against terrorism.

Even countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have taken tentative steps toward Democratic concepts like open elections. Syria, pulling its troops and secret service out of Lebanon, happened in part because Bush took to the world stage and demanded it. In no small part, the Lebanese people saw Democracy forming in neighboring Iraq, and summed up the will to expel Syrian President Bashir al-Assad’s forces, and his rule.

These events are decades-long in there [sic] eventual outcome, especially in such a hostile and socially backwards place as the Middle East. One does not become a Democracy by simply saying that it is; one becomes it by living and practicing its concepts. Iraq and Afghanistan are well into this process, and once situated within the self-imposed and just limitations of a Democracy, others in the area will see, and do likewise.

The Wuss is talking? He's LYING! This is for what he's doing to my future!

President Bush, to borrow an old phrase from the makers of "Star Trek," has “gone where no man has gone before.” He has not tried to play “kingmaker,” but instead took the attacks of 9/11 and used them for something more than a reason to put the bombers in the air. Yes, it is “nation-building” in a sense, something this president was against when campaigning in 2000. But in light of the events of 9/11, could Bush have done otherwise?

In 1993, Ronald Reagan’s one-time speechwriter, Peggy Noonan, contacted the former president and voiced her frustration with the revisionist history that swirled around his historical standing. Concernedly, Noonan asked him if he was worried about his future standing with historians.

Reagan replied, “I'm more than willing to submit my actions to the judgment of time. Let history decide. It usually does.”

History, after all, is you and I. Ronald Reagan knew this. And I suspect so, too, does President Bush. As time marches on, history will gradually form into a consensus, and presto! History.

But as we have heard -- and the more clear-thinking among us know -- 9/11 has changed everything. President Bush was the right leader at the right time, and I believe that history will eventually judge him to be correct in the path he has chosen to take America, and the world down.
The Wuss’s Path

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Marie Jon is a columnist for RenewAmerica.us, The Conservative Voice, The Daley Times, Life on The Right, The Capitol Hill Coffee House, The Post Chronicle, NewsBull, AlainsNewsletter, ChristianWorldviewNetwork, and RadioFreeWestHartford. She is posted as well as a featured or guest writer whose work has appeared on many sites including The New Media Journal, ChronWatch, CommonConservative, The Reality Check, The MichNews, and The National Ledger.

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