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Craig Ferguson vids on YouTube; despite his heterosexuality, Craig Ferguson always feels good: "It's a great day for America!"

Wanda Sykes, Comedian, Equality Advocate, Out Lesbian
Live at the White House Correspondent's Dinner

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C-SPAN Summary: Almost 3000 journalists, politicians and celebrities gathered at the Washington Hilton for the White House Correspondents' Association Annual Dinner. The current White House Correspondents' Association president Jennifer Loven served as master of ceremonies. Michelle Obama presented youth scholarships and Brian Williams presented the White House Correspondents' Association Awards to journalists. President Obama gave humorous after-dinner remarks in his first speech to the organization. He was followed by comedienne Wanda Sykes who made humorous observations about President Obama and the political climate in Washington.

May 04 2009 steviebeebishop: there's a disgusting amount of hate on the internet (especially on youtube!) directed at minority groups (especially the LGBT community) so i was inspired to organize this collab video. i never set out to "change the world" i simply wanted to make something light hearted to put a smile on the face of any hate victim watching. you're not alone! stevie loves you :)

Dear Enemies: "Fuck you! by Lily Allen (The Big Fat Gay Collab)"
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Brian Williams on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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recklessly speculative opinion

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10 Most Recent Videos From The Real News Network
Because “The Future Depends On Knowing”


Joy Behar from "The View" fills in for Larry King
Ann ("The Cunt") Coulter is one of her guests

Below: Iran Was A Democracy Until The U.S.A. & U.K. Crushed It,
And It Can Be Our Democratic Ally Again

Below: Jon Stewart Covers Iraq's Welcoming Of Iran's President

Below: Two from

History Lessons

enemies, lots of them

June 26 2006

What IS "history"?
"History is written by the team of hand-picked historians that
the winner keeps hidden away in an underground bunker."

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Our Own Video Playlist

The following video was broadcast Mar 30 2008 (link opens new window)
60 Minutes:
One innocent man’s ordeal as an Enemy Combatant

60 Minutes tells the story of a completely innocent 19-year-old German man, Murat Kurnaz, originally grabbed from a bus while visiting Pakistan three months after Sep 11, 2001, only because of a paid bounty of $3,000. He was held by the U.S. for five years. He was tortured by the U.S. military with the collaboration of medical doctors for six weeks after being rendered from Pakistan to Kandahar, Afghanistan. Then his torture began at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. After six months at Guantanamo the U.S. knew and recorded that he was totally innocent. German documents from 2002 also state that the U.S. considered him innocent and that he was to be released in six to eight weeks. He was held by the U.S. an additional three years and six months in Guantanamo until he was released in August, 2006.

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Martial Law: 9-11: Rise of the Police State
by Alex Jones

43 min 55 sec

Martial Law: 9-11: Rise of the Police State
Alex Jones Productions

03 hr 00 min 06 sec

Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State was filmed primarily during the GOPher's 2004 national convention in New York City. The GOPhers' choice to hold the event there drew both strong praise and strong criticism. Alex Jones' clear intent was that the people who were truly guilty of planning and carrying out the events of September 11, 2001, were coming back to the scene of the crime. In the film, Jones shows what he believes are signs of a growing police state: constant surveillance, a defined military presence, a militarized civilian police force, mass roundups and arrests of protesters, detention in a makeshift facility laden with asbestos which one interviewee called a "concentration camp," and threats of arrest for constitutionally legal activities. Many different views are presented, including one semi-humorous confrontation with a group of American Communists.

This video is copyrighted, but Alex Jones has permitted and encourged the distribution of these videos for non-profit, educational purposes. If you would like to help Alex Jones and/or would like to have a hard copy, buy one from him by going through his website. It can be done online or through his office.

At the 2004 GOPher convention, Cheney the Disgusting said:
"Just as surely as the Nazis during World War Two and the Soviet communists during the Cold War, the enemy we face today is bent on our destruction. As in other times, we are in a war we did not start, and have no choice but to win. Firm in our resolve, focused on our mission, and led by a superb commander in chief, we will prevail. The fanatics who killed some 3,000 of our fellow Americans may have thought they could attack us with impunity because terrorists had done so previously. But if the killers of September 11th thought we had lost the will to defend our freedom, they did not know America and they did not know George W. Bush."

"I watch him at work every day. I have seen him face some of the hardest decisions that can come to the Oval Office and make those decisions with the wisdom and humility Americans expect in their president. George W. Bush is a man who speaks plainly and means what he says. He is a person of loyalty and kindness and he brings out these qualities in those around him. He is a man of great personal strength and more than that, a man with a heart for the weak, and the vulnerable, and the afflicted. We all remember that terrible morning when, in the space of just 102 minutes, more Americans were killed than we lost at Pearl Harbor. We remember the President who came to New York City and pledged that the terrorists would soon hear from all of us. George W. Bush saw this country through grief and tragedy. He has acted with patience, and calm, and a moral seriousness that calls evil by its name. In the great divide of our time, he has put this nation where America always belongs: against the tyrants of this world, and on the side of every soul on earth who yearns to live in freedom. Fellow citizens, our nation is reaching the hour of decision, and the choice is clear. President Bush and I will wage this effort with complete confidence in the judgment of the American people."

The Daily Show's John Oliver Eviscerates FAUX News
"The Meter Is Running"
Below In Two Parts

Below: Four From Bill Hicks
On Gulf War I and George H.W. ("The Wimp") Bush

When "The Wimp" Lost the Election to Bill Clinton

Bill Hicks (television version, below) from back when topical humorist Dennis Miller hadn't started drinking Bush Kool-Aid, when Miller knew Bill Hick's off-television work well (two examples above). Dennis had Bill as a guest on his show and introduced him by saying that Bill had a "great mind, attitude, the whole bag. He works completely for me." No one has to wonder what Bill Hicks would say about Miller's current Neo-Christian Nationalist schtick. Bill Hicks would thrash the current version of Dennis Miller publicly, as a collaborator and sell-out who will never again say anything trustworthy.

Of course, it's easy to put words in the mouth of a dead man. We're lucky though, we have YouTube, Google, etc. Always verify what you read or see on the Internet by checking several different sources for yourself. Some key search words: Bill Hicks marketer marketing commercials Jay Leno Iraq Republican Bush economy

Finally, at least from Bill Hicks, an entertaining, adult audio mix with an associated video mix. Bill from his album "Rant In E Minor", covers topics such as big media, commercials, IRS, the economy, Jesse Helms, positive news about drugs, etc.

Please Watch
Bill Moyers Journal: "Tough Talk on Impeachment"
at the link, on the PBS web site. It's an informative, professional discussion of the factually impeachable offenses of The Wuss and Cheney the Disgusting.

How to produce Real Americans, and a brief look at a few (above).
Contain yourself, yet confront, wonderfully executed.
Let's see (and hear) more Constitutionalists!

This is what it looks like to stand up for impeachment
and free speech (above video). This is how it's done, and nothing's ever perfect.

It's an organized, regularly occurring "farmer's market" in Maryland, 10 miles from Washington, D.C.

Is 74-year-old Allen trespassing in this otherwise public space by selling "Impeach Him" buttons? Is he hiding from the Farmer's Market's regulations under cover of political free speech? Or is he engaging in political free speech in a public place?

Either way, this film is mesmerizing. One senior citizen selling one kind of button turned over several weeks into a full-blown impeachment event, complete with television and newspaper coverage, and culminating in a non-violent arrest.

The freedom section of this video

Maybe it is our favorite part of this model self-training video that keeps us coming back: the freedom section.

Starting at 11:46 the first response from the state, two fully armed and armored police officers, is defeated in its purpose of stopping a 74-year-old man from expressing his political opinion in public. Allen keeps getting his message out while he's on the ground, non-violently resisting arrest, surrounded by impotent police and a supportive crowd of the kind of people who shop or sell at the farmer's market.

Watching this section, we can let go and ride the freedom train as many times as we want to feel the power of our own repressed political dissent as we watch Allen simply and modestly exercise his personal freedom in an orderly, organized, prepared way, right there in front of everybody, in the face of escalating, overwhelming armed state response.

Despite the noticeable small gestures of courage by certain people who helped Allen in small ways, the armed response would have itself been overwhelmed had most or even many of the impeachment supporters present done exactly what Allen did, one at a time or all together!

Maybe this video is captivating because it shows the "soft" fascism sort of arrests many of us can see in our own futures, and can plan for, and hope for, when our turns come.

Update: Your mileage may vary. The "body weight collapse", non-violent arrest tactic, like any other response during any interactions with any uniformed police or off-duty security guards may lead to you getting tasered, possibly killed, without sanction.

Video below, the mis-use of Faith-Based Initiative funds to host pre-election Republican-only political rallies.

Anti-gay gay former Chairman of the Republican Party Ken Mehlman broke several laws for which he still has not been prosecuted.

Mehlman illegally (and successfully, 19 out of 20 times) conspired with David Kuo, formerly the #2 official at the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. Kuo did an in-depth interview for “60 Minutes” and wrote a book.

David Kuo admits he is complicit with gay Ken Mehlman in crimes during 2003, (the creation by the two of them of an illegal 20-race campaign of political outreach specifically designed to contact and influence groups of Republican Christians in close, Mehlman-selected GOP races, using Kuo’s power to spend taxpayer money designated for “Faith-Based Initiative” expenses, as well as the contacts and influence of the Faith-Based Initiative office.) This illegal get-out-the-GOP-Christian-vote campaign was successful in 19 out of the 20 targeted GOP races. Kuo’s book is called Tempting Faith.

It is a new world

The majority of human beings now believe that elements of the U.S. government are actively covering up major facts about the 9/11 attacks.

The majority of that group believes elements of the U.S. government were actively involved in permitting or organizing the attacks.

All of this "common knowledge" has come about despite a media blackout, endless lying on the part of government officials, and the organized ridicule of serious researchers.

It's a testament to the intelligence of human beings and the power of the Internet.
New World Order

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