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You'll find opinions throughout this web site. Some are parodies of our enemies.

No joke, please don't volunteer to die for this fleeting, grotesque, mockery of our nation. It will be years before the corruption of The Wuss years is cleared out, years before it will be possible to make an informed choice that the military of the U.S.A. is finally defending us again, instead of just cleaning up after The Wuss's intentional, murderous, money-laundering incompetence and international crimes against humanity.

Not coincidentally, for most new enlistees, military service still appears to be a dependable, profitable career move due to rampant domestic hard times for all workers.

Unfortunately, many of these enlistees still do not realize for what they are volunteering. The truth is, they are volunteering to play Russian Roulette over and over every day until the forward momentum of the U.S.'s unprecedented, pre-emptive, violent worldwide aggression ends, or until they are allowed to leave the front lines long after the end of their enlistments, or until they lose the game and die or are horribly wounded.

Ultimately, their participation in this rigged game must be based solely on their trust in The Wuss package of justifications. The only way to win this game is not to play.

Horrified military wives and husbands and children plead for an answer. "How can I believe anyone but the president, when my husband is over there fighting and might die to defend America from terrorists?" With family on the front lines it is too painful and frightening for them to allow the truth (information contrary to the lies of The Wuss) to lodge in their minds.

Both military and private company enlistees and their families have been encouraged -- at the same time the military is being lied to, underpaid, and criminally and fatally neglected -- to make plans for a glorious, Christian-god-nurtured, victorious future in a politely but insistently Bible-based United States of America, long may she empirically wave. Veterans are always extra-heroic in that fantasy, even when they die in support of tyrants, even when the tyrants turn their backs on the veterans who have served.

Additionally in the military, from the minute you sign the contract, the potential for death and severe, life-changing wounds is downplayed and controlled, by each person and institutionally, as one's dutiful gift of honorable service to the nation. It's necessary to actively believe you are protecting with your life and weapons those back at home in "the world", as it's called.

Despite their active beliefs, these enlistees are playing Russian Roulette to enable, cover up and clean up after the international crimes against humanity committed by the latest most dangerous psychotic maniac, a wannabe world-level dictator who, like crazy dictators historically, refused be stopped by mere numbers -- whether the numbers are the brazenly stolen billions or the numbers of deaths, or the number of honor-dead civilians who have now misspent their lives by allowing themselves to be lied into obeying known illegal orders, or the numbers of votes, citizens imprisoned, opinions of the people of the U.S., either.

Honor-bound, UCMJ-controlled (Uniform Code of Military Justice) enlistees have had their reputations ruined by the privately contracted forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world and in the U.S. -- these are unaccountable, law-free opportunists supporting the occupations, who individually raked in tens of thousands of dollars for each of the military members' hundreds of dollars earned. This private army, air force and navy maintained The Wuss's grand, bloody, money-laundering operation at its heart.

The immortal, amoral companies which own these "sub-contractors" make up the U.S.A.'s newly purchased thug force which shadows each branch of the military. This is a wholly owned internationally operating thug force (no national laws applicable), and it does not require current political power to operate.

The Wuss is only the most recent unsustainable and hyper-aggressive world dictator. His best talent is convincing those around him to believe and act as his enablers. These people believe they are permanently untouchable, The Wuss has assured them he will protect them, and they believe that friendly control of the consequences will never end anyway.

They are wrong. No matter how long it takes, the truth will be told.

Help AFTA AFTAH Stand Against the Anti-Homosexual Christian Lobby!

Americans For Truth After Americans For Truth About Homosexuality needs your help in our front-line fight to preserve marriage, morality and the precious freedoms of all Americans against the aggressive and powerful “Christian” anti-Queer Lobby.

The pro-family Queer equality movement is heavily outgunned and outspent by anti-homosexual “Christian” activists in this battle, but we have something they lack: the Truth. Help us defend it with your tax-free online gift to “Americans For Truth After Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” at:

Regular mail gifts: Americans For Truth After Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, PO Box 1111, Naperville is illin' 20060-1111. Monthly "Truth AFTA AFTAH Team" sign-up (regular, monthly gifts of $25 or more): Thank you!

Due to the intellectual density issue when dealing with AFTAH, I'll spell it out for them. This is not real begging for money, it is a mirror image of real AFTAH begging from Peter LaBarbera, who works for an extremely wealthy and influential GOPher women's group, despite all of his pseudo-religious rhetoric. Peter's apparently been told to do some fundraising to help make it falsely appear as though AFTAH is not one of the women's group's little fronts. As little as possible was changed from the original begging.

NewsMax (not AP) is riddled with the enablers of corruption, co-conspirators in war crimes, and crimes against humanity, the U.S. Constitution and the people of the U.S.A.

100 Years: Here's Why John McCain Is Wrong

Pray These People Will Die Soon?
Apparently it's become okay in religious America today to pray for the people you oppose to die. Long, long ago (six or seven years), because of a court ruling which said that site could remain online despite the links between the wounding and injuring of people on the list, I made a page mocking that actual working hit list, the Nuremberg Files. They published specific "extra" information which made it easier to find them and to kill them. Some were wounded, some were killed.

When the list of the most public anti-gay people, leading the biggest and richest anti-gay organizations, went up on, I said that I wanted some of our own declared enemies to die, preferably in horrible ways.

But then I didn't use the word "pray", and I based my little Internet graphic on a Wanted poster. And I didn't specifically pray to God, as enlightened by Wiley S. Drake, that these people's children would be orphaned and reduced to homeless begging on the streets in rags as the direct result of their parents' horrible deaths.

When they (finally) discovered the page, they were horrified. Though I used a floating gadget to ask for the same kind of specific "extra" personal info about those on our list as the Nuremberg Files asks for on its legal deadly list, no "extra" information about any of the people listed was ever received or published. Everything we ever put on any of their profiles came from their published web sites and online public biographies and contact lists. It would have been a much better fight, because the other shoe never dropped, if I wasn't already in the middle of pleading guilty in a felony trial because I went bipolarly ballistic, manically speaking (my one and only sober instance [23 years]), and technically kidnapped a Baptist minister, sort of.

We're all on board who climb aboard.

Now they come along and tell us that by making the page, to lead "them" to "The Dr.'s Letter" (which no one ever admitted reading), I was speaking the same words they think and actively pray! Except their version is more violent! For leadership on the correctness of this Christian approach to one's enemies, we have the fine Christian example of Rev. Wiley S. Drake of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, 6801 Western Ave, Buena Park, CA 90621, FAX 714-522-7202,,; and the fine Christian radio station that broadcasts his religious messages, Wellspring News Network at 714-865-8132,,, Visalia, CA 93277; Melvin Pyatt, Incorporator.

Following Rev. Wiley S. Drake's example, our resident ordained minister, B. Allan Ross, Atheist Pastor of the LLAPH Church (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness), therefore refuses to interfere if you, after your own fashion, pray that the following people will suffer horrible deaths as soon as possible, but he does ask you not to include prayers for the torture of their children afterward such as those called for by First Southern Baptist Rev. Wiley S. Drake.

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Good Riddance!
Jesse Helms Is Finally Dead
Mission Accomplished!

Condom-izing Jesse House

Jerry Falwell Is Dead, Thank God and Good Riddance! Video from

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Thanks For The Abortion, Mom!

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Uncle Mordecai

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Religionist Supremacy - An Alternative Deathstyle

Watch Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy's speech to Southern Baptist ministers, promising to resign the Presidency should he ever find that his Roman Catholic religious beliefs conflict with his duty to act in the best interests of this nation under the the U.S. Constitution.

"If the time should ever come -- and I do not concede any conflict to be remotely possible -- when my office would require me to either violate my conscience or violate the national interest, then I would resign the office, and I hope any other conscientious public servant would do likewise."

By this standard, The Wuss is not a conscientious public servant, as he has grossly violated the national interests of this nation. He has told us his god is ordering him to violate the U.S. Constitution because it is the right thing to do, this is the time to do it, and he is the man to do it. As history will record, the things he is being ordered to do by his god are wrong. Those savage actions are motivated by greed, and it will take decades for our nation and its people to recover.

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