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Our Nation In Ruins
Government Incompetence

A current resident of Old Havana
talks about Cuba, the U.S.A., and real life in Cuba

Find A Way To End the Cuban Embargo!
(and Shut Down Guantanamo Now!)

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The People of Venezuela, who overwhelmingly support Hugo Chavez, recently VOTED "No" to ending Presidential term limits, along with a lot of other national initiatives which Chavez unwisely included as omnibus votes on the same doomed ballot. Arnold Schwarzenegger's resounding defeat at the ballot boxes of one of his biggest sets of changes to California management was similar to Chavez' defeat in a lot of ways.

I still support Hugo Chavez, his attitude and his opinions about The Wuss. I believe he is faltering a bit under the backlash from The Wuss and his henchmen, but that he is sincere in his desires to clean out the rot in Venezuela which has dominated the nation for a very long time. He must get control of the nation in order to make sure the people are running Venezuela instead of Venezuela's own embedded versions of authoritarian Neo-Christian Nationalists.

The television stations he shut down were corrupted by people who had no problem using the airwaves to collaborate with treasonous armed attacks on the elected government, including an attempted armed coup by kidnapping President Hugo Chavez which failed when Chavez was rescued.

I would have shut them down immediately. He gave them time to at least move toward the center but they persisted in broadcasting lies and collaborating. And there are more who were and are complicit. Any stations Chavez shuts down, radio or television, will be bought and operated by people without the American-led anti-voter agenda. If I understand what he's about, these stations new owners would not be under the direct control of Chavez, they just cannot be part of the anti-government movement which has already attempted a coup.

Hugo Chavez has offered the U.S.A. a lock on $50/barrel oil if we sign a long-term contract to buy oil from Venezuela, and Venezuela has more oil reserves than any other nation on Earth.

Why are we, simultaneously to refusing to buy Venezuelan oil for $50/barrel, paying almost $100/barrel, plus the lives of The People and over a billion dollars daily to secure that price? Are we too simple to prepare, to get as much cheap oil as possible from Venezuela legally as we can, without falling victim to any supply games Chavez may decide to play? We won't pay for oil we don't get, and all we need is to leverage the initial influx of cheap oil to make it easier to get better deals for more stable supplies. If we would stop antagonizing and encouraging Russia down a path of elected dictatorship, we would be able to get a lot more oil than we can steal from Iraq. With such a large, much more inexpensive local supply in Venezuela why do we continue to overpay with money, blood and lives to bring expensive oil all the way from the Middle East? Remember when the entire Soviet Union, and especially oil-rich Russia, used to be our good buddies? The Wuss is the catalyst for the destruction of our relations with Russia.

We are protecting dirty deals made earlier with Saudi Arabia; deals we would get out of if they weren't enriching wealthy people already in control. Those deals include the consequences of paying higher oil prices and obligating the U.S. to sell massive amounts of military technology and armaments to sovereign nations far less stable than Venezuela. Nations like Iraq (currently undergoing renovations, ethnic cleansing and armed robbery), Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan (land of pipelines), which are constantly in credible danger of takeover by religious supremacists -- nations which are proven incubators of the worst internationally terroristic cells ever found in Middle Eastern or Western nations and their governments.

This includes those political cells in America which protect specific dirty deals made between corrupt U.S. government officials, those same amoral, immortal "people" who are actually defense and oil companies and contracting corporations, friends of politicians and other war profiteers. This is an eternally bad group whose military technologies and arms are now controlled by prominent Neo-Christian Nationalists (the highest bidders; currently the Court to The Wuss). Even if The Wuss is replaced, the infection continues to spread.

It's easy to see the results by shutting off the NCN propaganda mill for a little while. Military technologies, unlimited armaments and a military which no longer only point out against impending threats, but which now also point in, at The People of the U.S.A. (who are no longer presumed innocent until proven guilty, but are guilty of being a threat until the NCNs choose to release you or your tortured corpse).

This cyclical infection will be slowed down if McSame doesn't win. Without control of the non-stop stream of propaganda and lies the NCN will collapse within five or six years, but don't tell them because they don't believe it. It is going to be hard enough to purge the NCN collaborators, enablers, profiteers, bureaucrats, judges, and the corruption injected by The Wuss without shaking their sense of entitlement and invincibility too soon.

First-Ever National Survey of Prisoners
Shows Widespread Sexual Abuse in Detention

Stop Prisoner Rape, Los Angeles, December 16, 2007
A national survey of inmates, released today by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, confirms that sexual abuse plagues American prisons, derailing justice and shattering human dignity. According to the report, an estimated 60,500 inmates held at state and federal prisons were subjected to sexual abuse in the past year alone.

Today’s National Inmate Survey (NIS) is the first of its kind and covers more than 1.3 of the 2.4 million people currently in detention in the United States. Detainees held at county jails, juvenile facilities, and immigration detention centers were not included in the survey, nor were prisoners at half-way houses.

The research method used in the new report – asking prisoners directly and anonymously whether they had been subjected to sexual abuse in the past 12 months – sets it apart from previous attempts by the federal government to study the problem, which have relied entirely on data submitted by corrections officials.

“We know from speaking daily with prisoner rape survivors that the vast majority will never file a formal complaint, for fear of retaliation, stigma, or further abuse,” said Lovisa Stannow, Executive Director of Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR).

“Not surprisingly, today’s report establishes a 15 times higher rate of sexual abuse than an analysis of formal inmate complaints over a one-year period, published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics four months ago.”

Garrett Cunningham, a prisoner rape survivor from Texas and a member of Stop Prisoner Rape’s Board of Directors, is a case in point. “After being raped by a prison guard, I was devastated and terrified. I felt sure that filing a formal complaint with the perpetrator’s colleagues would only have made my situation worse.”

In today’s report, the Bureau of Justice Statistics identifies the U.S. prisons with the highest and the lowest rates of sexual abuse. Alarmingly, five of the ten worst facilities are prisons run by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This finding confirms SPR’s own data, based on letters the organization has received from some 900 prisoner rape survivors nationwide; 20 percent of these letters come from men and women held in Texas facilities.

Stop Prisoner Rape urges corrections officials across the country to consider today’s Bureau of Justice Statistics report a wake-up call. “When the government makes the grave decision to remove a person’s liberty, it takes on the responsibility to guarantee his or her physical safety,” said Ms. Stannow.

“Whether perpetrated by staff or by inmates, sexual abuse in detention is a problem of poor prison policies and practices. It is not an inevitable fact of life behind bars.”

An international human rights organization, Stop Prisoner Rape is the only group in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to eliminating sexual violence against men, women, and youth in detention. SPR was instrumental in securing passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, which mandated the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics to conduct the National Inmate Survey and publish the report released today.

For more information, visit www.spr.org or call Lovisa Stannow at 213-384-1400 (ext. 103) or 310-617-4350 (cell).

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