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Our Nation In Ruins
Official Corruption

Apr 20 2009: Glen Greenwald's interview with Jeff Stein about his reporting on the corruption of Democratic Housemember Jane Harmon, AIPAC, and Alberto Gonzalez. Harmon has been the biggest supporter of the violations of the FISA Act committed by the Bush crime syndicate. Because Harmon is a Democrat, this will finally stir up a hornets' nest of reporters and investigators from both parties who have had enough of the secret and illegal operations within the U.S. government of Zionist AIPAC, and Zionists within Israel. Also, while the GOPhers play "gotcha" with Harmon, they will also be revealing a lot about how AIPAC works from within to subvert our government for its own purposes, which is something they have denied and resisted investigating for decades. Remember, this sordid episode is only one instance.

To hear it, click PLAY on the recorder below:

Paul Reveres or Benedict Arnolds?
Whistleblowing in the Post-9/11 Age

Final Confirmation: Dick Cheney Ordered NORAD Stand-Down on 9/11
Interview: Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta
about his testimony before the 9/11 Commission (he was with Cheney in bunker on 9/11)

Gary Webb: Martyr of Truth
A real investigative journalist and true hero, Gary Webb was killed by TWO shots to the head for his work exposing the roots of the U.S. crack epidemic. The verdict? Suicide. No joke.

“Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair” (1988 Documentary)
“What you saw in the Iran Contra hearings was the exposure of the beginnings of a national security state which believes it has the right to over-ride the Constitution of the United States in the name of national security.”
Sound familiar?

This documentary features interviews with government insiders and CIA agents who aren’t afraid to expose the truth about what happened. This short video was narrated by the late Elizabeth Montgomery.

Related links:

Dark Alliance, by Gary Webb. How the CIA imported cocaine into Los Angeles to fund its wars against Communism.

Articles downloaded from the web site of the Seattle Times, since the San Jose Mercury News has removed the entire series from their web site.

Gary Webb’s career as a professional journalist was destroyed shortly after these articles were published.

Gary Webb died from a suicide. Shot himself twice in the head with a .38 caliber pistol. The “Dark Alliance” investigation, even though all its facts have been borne out since then, basically ruined his career. All the major news organizations blacklisted him. What does this tell you about independence in the media?

To this day independent reporters have taken up his mantle to investigate the leads and interview different players in the scandal, and they continue to corroborate that what he wrote was the truth.

Gary Webb “Suicide”

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