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Strange, True and Religious
Christians Believe The Wuss Is Evil

November 26 2007
It is very Strange, True & Religious when the same people who put The Wuss in office and continue to support those he chooses with their votes and money have found him to be such an evil fellow -- something the rest of the world already knew or has long since discovered. So now what? Will they continue to forgive and support The Wuss while The United States Of Bush, Inc. (USOB, Inc.) systematically destroys nations and America? You betcha!

President Bush
by Casey D. Bell: Biblical-Conservative-Southern Opinion
'Christian Words, Un-Christian Actions: George W. Bush and the Desecration of Christianity in Modern America' - link to book by John Stoddard Klar

Original article on the web site of Cutting Edge Ministries
The following is from Casey D. Bell's blog post related to the article. Bold letters indicate that we chose to emphasize that text. Most spelling errors were left alone.

Posted on July 31, 2007 by Casey Bell

I supported President Bush since he first ran for president. Over the past few months he has been doing things that not only have I not agreed with, but they don't line up with the word of God, and President Bush says that he is a Christian.
The first thing he did was the illegal immigration bill, not because I'm against immigration, but because of things that were in the bill.

The fact that he wants to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. Which puts Israel in danger of being attacked.

The major thing that he has done that not only harms our country but leads the way for the mark of the beast, Signing the Real ID Act on May 11, 2006 by President George W. Bush.

For those of you who think I am off base I would encourage you to visit &

The reason why I am righting this so far into his term is because my eyes have recently come open to the Real ID Act.

I have opposed the President on things politically before, that is not a problem; however, on this I oppose him from a biblical standpoint.

The Poster of the President still hangs on my wall, and I will still pray for him.

We can stop the National ID, and from the article I posted earlier today, the government may not have the funds to do it, and the house and senate oppose it. We must stop the national ID.

This is not the only reason I write though, there are many other non-Christian things the President has done.

Below I have pasted an article from Cutting Edge Ministries ( entitled "President Bush : Good Fruits Verses [sic] Bad Fruits"

The article below really made me look at the Presidents actions not just his words. Like the article says "Remember, words do not count: just actions. Words spoken at a Prayer Breakfast do not count, as they are only words."

"President Bush : Bad Fruits versus Good Fruits"
"Ye shall know them by their fruits" (Matt 7:16 )

In so many occasions in my life, when contemplating a specific course of action, I have found it highly helpful to make a list of pro's and con's. Once I have completed this list, I would then examine it carefully; if the pro's outweighed the con's, then I would take the action contemplated, but if the con's outweighed the pro's, then I would not take the action.

In this hot debate amongst Christian brethren over whether the fruits (actions) of President Bush were of such Biblically "good fruit" nature to allow Fundamental, Bible-believing Christians to consider him "Born Again", I have created a list showing the fruits I have seen since he became a candidate for President in 2000.

On the left, I have listed the "bad fruits" I have seen, and on the right, I have listed the "good fruits" he has produced.

Remember, words do not count: just actions. Words spoken at a Prayer Breakfast do not count, as they are only words.

And, please don't repeat the Urban Legend about Mr. Bush leading a young man to salvation; we all know that story was fabricated.

I am speaking of actions President Bush has taken since becoming President that we would consider Biblical "Good Fruits".

The Holy Spirit warns us in the Last Days religiously deceitful men shall arise to deceive many.

Listen: "For although they hold a form of piety (true religion), they deny and reject and are strangers to the power of it [their conduct belies the genuiness of their profession]. Avoid all such people; turn away from them." (2 Timothy 3:5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Did you catch that phrase? - "their conduct belies the genuiness of their profession" -

Think of this matter as if the person guilty of these actions was the Senior Pastor of your church, or one of your deacons. Or, if you are a Senior Pastor, think of the person guilty of these sins as one of your deacons. What would be your attitude then if the person committing these sins was in your local church?

Here is my challenge: I have listed the bad fruits and good fruits of President George Bush.

Please print this form out and add any bad or good fruit you can think I have missed, simply print this form out, add the fruit I have missed and either mail it to Cutting Edge Ministries or fax it to 803-356-2860.

**"MY NOTE" was in Casey D. Bell's original blog post**

Bad Fruits of President Bush

[links to more info about each of The Wuss's "Bad Fruits" actions are included in the original article]

Refused To Repudiate and Repent of Sin of Being An Adept In Satanic Skull & Bones -- Cannot be saved if you refuse to repent of a sin in your life

Bush honored Satanic Hard Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne twice within one month! May 4, 2002

President Bush lunched with U2 Rock Star Bono October 19, 2005

President Bush engaged in sexually filthy speech at White House Correspondents Ball, May, 2002.

Bush went back on his promise to Senior Pastor Dixon and shut down the Indianapolis Baptist Church with Swat Teams!

Bush established the terrible Faith-Based Initiative - Now proven to be bringing churches under control of government

Bush opened the forbidden door to Stem-Cell Research - actually allowing practice to continue

President Bush's Gay/Lesbian policies are identical to Clinton's. - IDENTICAL

Gays and Lesbians are truly "a-glow" over Bush's policies!

President Bush is actively helping Gay Republicans raise campaign money!

Bush Constantly Invokes "God" In Speeches But Never "Jesus" - Typical of Skull & Bones/Masonic belief and doctrine

President Bush Six-Steps America Into Accepting Global Warming - Limbaugh even referred to Bush as "George W. Al Gore"

Bush delivered only rhetoric about ending Partial Birth Abortion, but never actually took action! - We see that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban is so deceitfully written it actually legalizes it!

Bush is now pushing schools into allowing Ecumenical prayer back in their classrooms and assemblies

Bush Conducting Presidency By "Secular", Worldly Values! Quoting Ari Fleischer, White Press Secretary

Brought Into His Administration Numerous Illuminati Members of the CFR - Council on Foreign Relations

Bush "faced the pagan obelisk" during his Inauguration, just as Illuminist Presidents Reagan through Clinton had done.

Bush Administration experts are proposing new laws and police regulatory rules in the guise of fighting terrorism that just might take away our precious liberties - Just as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion envisioned! Rep. Ron Paul (Rep-TX) Slams Bush For Implementing A Police State - October 19, 2005

Bush Administration officials declared that the old, Civil War Seditious Law may be used against dissidents!

Bush enacted the core Illuminist plan dating back to 1917 to impose Martial Law on the entire country.

President Bush authorized "Summary Execution" of "U.S. Enemies" Both Within and Without the U.S. - Ashcroft revealed a "hellish vision" for America; he is establishing concentration camps!

President Bush established the "Gestapo" type of domestic police-state enforcement arm, Homeland Security

Bush based his actions against Afghanistan upon United Nations resolutions, not upon any National Sovereignty the U.S. possesses!

Bush began to "Federalize" all state and local law enforcement agencies

President Bush domestically enacted the "Pre-crime" Aspect of the movie, "Minority Report", thereby threatening our liberties

President Bush extended his "Pre-Crime" doctrine to the international arena when he effectively declared war on the "Axis of Evil" nations.

President Bush showed his true Illuminist colors when he nominated Henry Kissinger to be the head of the 9/11 investigative committee!

President Bush did not proclaim a complete and utter dependence upon Jesus Christ after 9/11 to physically protect America but began threatening to attack and "end the states" he was declaring a threat

First Lady Laura Bush Has Twice Sent Out Christmas Cards Featuring the Egyptian Satanic Phoenix Bird.

Bush has endorsed the Koran! ["President Bush: Koran is God's word",, 12/6/02]

Bush continues to honor Islam by Sharing Ramadan Dinner at White House on 10/29/2005 - Exact Text Revealed

Bush Allows Illuminist CFR Members To "Pray" During Presidential Prayer Breakfast

President Bush Worships in Muslims Mosques and Buddist Temples - Chuck Baldwin -

President Bush leads America back into UNESCO, one of the most Liberal, Pro-Abortion and Anti-Christian organizations in the world!

Bush cheers "gay" church after "Marriage Week"

"President Bush's Gay/Lesbian policies are identical to Clinton's. - IDENTICAL

White House celebrated its first ever Diwali Hindu ceremony to honor the Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi to invoke their blessings during this age-old Festival of Lights celebration. Karl Rove participated in ceremony. Covered in Newsletter of 12/6/2003, Paragraph II. Bush sent his good wishes and stated he would have liked to have participated.

President and Laura Bush worshipped at a Shinto Shrine in Japan -

Bush pressuring Israel to divide her land with Palestinians: God's Word promises End Times judgement over all who will attempt to "divide the land"

President Bush praised the synchronized religious group, Kwanzaa religion, a combination of Catholic/Christian/Pagan beliefs and practices. Bush praised the religion in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 [Daily News Updates, 12/23/03, 12/24/04] Text of President Bush's 2004 Approval of Kwanzaa "Kwanzaa: a Christmas Substitute? - Christians must not compromise their faith in bowing down to this celebration" "Kwanzaa put on par with other 'religions': White House Press Secretary defends president honoring invented holiday"

President Bush attempted to walk both sides of the line in Gay Marriage Ban Amendment. After first saying he would support such an amendment, Bush then delivered the standard Gay line that he supports the "arrangements" created by the States - like the "arrangement" by the Massachusetts Supreme Court in December, 2003, declaring Gay Marriage legal in The Commonwealth

Bush - Ashcroft Argue To Federal Court that the government may torture or summarily execute prisoners without any Judicial oversight

Started to implement the U.N. educational program in American schools. Curricula will teach all the Anti-Christian values so prominent in that world body - Newsletter 1/24/04

Bush told Muslim Iraqi leader: "I pray to the same god" - MSNBC, 1/5/04 - At National Prayer Breakfast (February 5, 2004), Bush again equates Islam with Christianity -

Bush uses "F-word" and other expletives - Time Magazine, 3/31/2003 plus - "Cussing's no stranger to the Bush White House" (See Daily News Updates, 2/6/2004)

Bush has re-funded National Endowment For the Arts! - New York Times, January 28, 2004 - Carried in Daily News Updates, 1/29/04

Brutally cavalier toward the fact that no one has been able to find WMD in Iraq - Insulted all war veterans, especially those who have died and those who are coming home with lifelong illnesses and/or disabilities

Told another sexually explicit joke about VP Cheney's private body part - Newsletter 03/27/04

Validated Gay Lifestyle when he said Rumsfeld's favorite TV show was "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" and said that he should have his Cabinet members watch the show - Newsletter 03/27/04

Bush promised on 4/30/04 that US had eliminated "torture chambers" and "rape rooms" in Iraq, even though the Pentagon had kept him informed in February, 2004, as to the progress of their investigation of torture and sex abuse in US prisons in Iraq

Under President Bush's leadership, American forces are killing many civilians, with tactics that can only produce this result. Newsletter 10/02/04

Just days before the 11/2/2004 election, Bush affirmed that he supported gay civil unions, and that he disagreed with the Republican Platform which opposed gay civil unions - (UPI, 10/26/04 - (AOL video clip -

In same interview, above, (10/26/04) Bush reiterated his belief that Christians and Muslims pray to the same God and that Islam is just another path to Heaven (Ibid)

Just days after re-election, Bush nominated strong, bold Pro-Abortion Judge to be the next Attorney General - Statement by American Life League: "Why won't Bush pick a pro-life nominee?" "Memo To Christians Who Voted For Bush: You've Been Had" "Pro-lifers not thrilled with Gonzales choice: Bush's pick for attorney general upheld abortion on Texas court" - WorldNetDaily

On 12/20/2003, President Bush's daughters threw a Christmas Party in the Executive Mansion, inviting the band, "Tyrone Smith Revue" to perform. Drinks were served until the daughters "glowed"; while George W. and Laura were present, they took no action to stop the drinking. "Inner Circle", MSNBC News, 11/15/2004

President Bush and his Father have expressed "warm support" for the effort by the Unification Church and to Moon organizations like ACLC, which today are trying to convince Christian Churches to throw their Cross into the trash - World Net Daily - "Tear Down the Cross" Article - "This cross removal 'cleared the way for a new age and second messiah.'"

Bush Re-election Inaugural: Kid Rock will perform at youth concert - Currently dating porn actress Jessie James, never goes anywhere without a pint of bourbon in his back pocket and rattles off X-rated lyrics - "Biggest slap in the face to the Christian conservatives." (January 7, 2005)

Laura Bush cracked sexual innuendo jokes while her "Born Again" husband laughed heartily. Laura said Bush was leaving her sexually unsatisfied and that Bush used to commit bestiality with horses. - New York Times 5/3/2005

Bush "flipped the finger" to the TV camera as he prepared to go live after winning the Texas governorship - Flim Clip tells the story -

As Texas governor, prison system instituted the same torture techniques which later were implemented at Guantanamo Bay Prison, Abu Ghraib prison, and Afghan prisons - "Torture Inc. - America's Brutal Prisons" - Global Research

President Bush betrayed Israel by insisting that Palestinians hold veto power over any negotiations and the 1949 Armistice Lines were the basis of all future agreements - "This statement is the greatest betrayal of Israel committed by any American president in history" - Hal Lindsey

On June 14, 2005, President Bush held the White House Fundraising Gala, where porn star Mary Carey performed a "fashion" show to display her dinner outfit and the band "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy" performed the music. Mary Carey Will Attend Presidential Dinner Again On 3/16/2006: Karl Rove is featured speaker - "I'm really excited to be going back to Washington D.C. to see the president again. Wait till they see that I have lost 20 pounds since the last time they saw me. Watch out Mr. President!" Carey declared

President Bush Joined In Laughter At 2006 Gridiron Club Dinner At Tim Russert "dressed in Drag" Sang Songs About Torturing Prisoners - "Decadent Elite Laugh At Torture During Gridiron Club Dinner"

Bush Administration Lawyers Illegally Coached Witnesses During Sentencing Phase of "Terror Trial" For Moussaoui - Since this was a Death Penalty trial, this apparent framing of a man could result in his wrongful death

President Bush Signs Title X Funding Increase for 2005: Planned Parenthood's Abortion Funding Increased -

President Bush enthusiastically endorsed lesbian Mary Cheney's plans to adopt the baby she is carrying. Mary intends that she and her gay partner will raise this child. - "Lesbian mother gets Bush blessing", Telegraph News, 12/17/2006

Bush White House legitimizes the Mary Cheney gay birth in official White House photo-op after Mary gave birth to a son. Official photo said in headline underneath, "His parents are the Cheneys" daughter Mary, and her partner, Heather Poe. White House photo by David Bohrer. -

President Bush Illegally Ignores The Very Laws He Signs! "Signing Statements" Study Finds Bush Administration Has Ignored Laws - Bible clearly says that Christians are to obey the law

Good Fruits of President Bush:

1 - Bush said he was delivered from alcohol addiction after he was converted

2 - CWA noted Bush's pro-life pro-woman U.N. policy on 12/17/02; but then, Bush led America back into UNESCO (Newsletter 11/01/03)

3 - CWA Praises Bush for Dr. Hager's Appointment and Hails Victory for Religious Freedom - 12/31/02

One Final Historic Fact:
Adolf Hitler's personal Christian testimony:
"My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior" - Speech, 4/12/1922
"If you are trying to understand Hitler, the last thing you can believe are his words." [Mattingly, Ibid.; Emphasis added]

Adolf Hitler and George Bush both are lifelong Adepts in the Brotherhood of Death Societies - Both Illuminist to the core - Too many Christians today believe Bush is a Born Again Christian based only upon his words; yet, Jesus instructs us to inspect the fruits of a person's life to reach a proper conclusion as to whether they are truly Born Again [Matthew 7:16-20]. Only then can we reach a "righteous judgment" [1 Peter 2:23]. As the Apostle James stated so boldly: "I will shew thee my faith by my works" [James 2:18]

I honestly cannot think of one good action President Bush has taken that we could construe as spiritually "good fruit", and have telephoned Christian authors to see if they could think of any good fruits. Therefore, we are looking forward to your feedback. Tell us the good things President Bush has accomplished. Then, we shall compare lists, compare "bad fruits" and "good fruits".

(The article above was taken from Cutting Edge Ministries: The article link is It is reproduced here for its educational and amusement value.

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