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Those Wacky Heterosexuals
Archived Issue No. 7 November 03 2002

Those Wacky Heterosexuals

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Issue No. 7
November 3, 2002

Misplaced "moral outrage"
Waterbury Mayor and christohet supremacist Philip Giordano, who lost the U.S. Senate race to incumbent Joseph Lieberman, was arrested on July 27 on federal sex charges involving a minor. Police reported the alleged sexual misconduct involved two girls, ages nine and 11. "The conduct in which Mr. Giordano is charged today is disgraceful," said Michael Wolf, special agent in charge of the FBI investigation. Wolf said the investigation began after they received reports that Giordano, a long-time Republican who is married and has three children, was "having inappropriate sex." The FBI, state prosecutors, and the Internal Revenue Service said their investigations are continuing and may lead to more charges.

U.S. District Judge Alan Nevas sealed the arrest warrant affidavit at Giordano's request. Investigators would not elaborate on what they meant by "interstate facility" and an IRS agent would not comment on her part of the investigation.

Giordano is a director of Catholic-based Human Life International, an anti-abortion organization, and he has been an outspoken critic of abortion and the sad state of morals and family values in the United States. He ran against Lieberman on a campaign of "moral outrage" based on Clinton and Gore.

Oh yeah, that works
In June, in Albany, N.Y., Supreme Court Justice James Canfield performed the wedding of heterosexual Robert Gorghan to his heterosexual girlfriend, Cheryl, only minutes after Gorghan had been sentenced in another courtroom to 25 years in prison for the serial sexual assault of Cheryl's daughter over a 13-year period!

(Canfield is notorious for marrying the just-convicted, which he said reduces the likelihood that they will engage in homosexual sex in prison.) [New York Post, 6-15-01]

Not a pretty picture
Police in the retirement town of Sun City West, Ariz., said they've been having problems lately with seniors having sex in public (on golf courses, as well as in lovers' lanes). [Arizona Republic, 5-31- 01]

Wonder where they learned it?
Two boys, ages 10 and 11, have been arrested in the sodomy of a five-year-old New York girl, who was attacked multiple times at an elementary school. The boys, presumed to be the children of heterosexuals, were charged with first-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse, according to police Detective Edward Reuss. Reuss said the attacks occurred at Public School 221 in Brooklyn on two separate days. He said the girl was taken to an area hospital for evaluation. It was not immediately clear where inside the school the attack occurred. Board of Education officials did not return calls. [June 4, 2001]

No abortions till after birth
An eight-week-old baby girl who died early Sunday was beaten to death, police say, and they suspect the killer is her 13-year-old heterosexual father. Officers arrested Brandon Miller yesterday in the death of his daughter, Diamond Miller, who died at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. Diamond died of injuries to her head and abdomen, said Cuyahoga County Coroner Elizabeth K. Balraj. "There was a laceration and tearing of the liver, bruising of the brain and internal hemorrhaging," Balraj said. Police believe the injuries were inflicted by fists, Cleveland police spokeswoman Lt. Sharon MacKay said.

Lisa Taylor, the child's 14-year-old heterosexual mother, said she spoke with Miller and he told her he killed Diamond and that he was sorry. "I can't forgive him," she said.

Lisa said she met Miller when he lived in the same Cleveland apartment complex as her sister. Her relatives said she tried to hide her pregnancy by wearing a large coat. Some relatives suspected she was pregnant and suggested she get prenatal care; she denied she was pregnant. Some relatives didn't find out until Diamond was born March 4. Lisa said Miller knew she was pregnant and he accepted it and told her to have the baby. "I don't believe in abortions," she said.

Lisa said that until Diamond died, she was in love with Miller. "They don't really know what love is," said Lisa's mother, Laverne Taylor. "They're teenagers. The love she knew was for her baby." Irene Hitchcock said her granddaughter, with the help of relatives, took good care of the baby, constantly brushing her hair and dressing her in pretty clothes. "She was loved by everybody in the family," said Charea Brown, Lisa's cousin. "We did everything we could for her."

About 1:30 a.m. Sunday, rescue workers were called to the apartment on E. 139th St., off Kinsman Rd., where Miller lives with his mother and two brothers. He told police that Diamond was sleeping in a bed with her mother when he noticed Diamond's head was wedged between the bed and the wall, according to a police report. Miller said he picked up Diamond and took her into the living room, where she "started to spit up white stuff," according to the report. Miller told police he then took Diamond back into the bedroom to change her clothes and then noticed she wasn't breathing. He woke up Lisa, who put a cool rag on Diamond's head and called 911. Doctors at Rainbow said there were no outward signs of violence on Diamond.

Miller can be charged only in Juvenile Court because state law says a person must be at least 14 when a crime is committed to be tried as an adult. [5-1-01]

Carnal confusion
Heterosexual Carlton Conley, the biological father of Rebecca Grace Chittum, wed Pamela Miskovsky, the biological aunt of Callie Marie Conley, on Saturday at the Pentecostal Holiness Church. In 1995, Conley left the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville with Callie. Rebecca went home with Callie's biological parents, Kevin Chittum and Whitney Rogers. Miskovsky had assumed Rebecca was her niece until the hospital discovered the mix-up in 1998, shortly after Kevin Chittum and Rogers died in a car crash. The girls' identities were revealed through DNA test results arising from a child support dispute between Rebecca's biological mother, Paula K. Johnson, and Carlton Conley. The marriage makes Carlton Conley Callie's uncle by marriage as well as her biological father. Johnson, Carlton Conley's ex-girlfriend, has custody of Callie. The Rogers and Chittum families share custody of Rebecca.

She's still in love, he does the cooking
The Philippines are on high alert after multiple killer and cannibal Norberto Manero escaped from jail. Manero, among other murders, confessed to killing a priest in 1985, stomping on his head until brains squirted out, and then ritually eating them. The practicing heterosexual was hidden in the trunk of his wife's car as she departed from a conjugal visit.

Just plain stupid het law
Chrissy McMickle was five when her father began molesting her. Afterward, he would give her ice cream and warn her not to tell anyone. Her brother Michael McMickle was five when the sexual abuse began, seven when the beatings started. Michael eventually told a Sparta, N.J. neighbor, and their father, heterosexual Nelden McMickle, went to jail for more than eight years. The state moved Nelden McMickle to a psychiatric facility -- and said the children he abused would have to pay part of the $90,000 annual bill. "Children are legally responsible for parents in state facilities," Sussex County adjuster Joanne Baker wrote in a Jan. 12 letter to Michael McMickle, now 21. Michael was outraged. "Why should I have to pay for him?" he demanded. The answer lies in an obscure 1918 state law meant to make relatives responsible for part of the cost of court-ordered hospital commitments. The law that requires family members to help pay for court-ordered care doesn't make exceptions for cases where children are victims of the relative's abuse.

Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report
A free service of

Not so ancient history
Jan. 11, 1970 - A team of heterosexual doctors in Frankfurt announced success in treating homosexuals with brain surgery. They used electrical shocks to disintegrate parts of the brain which regulate sexual arousal. Side effects included amnesia, potentially dangerous hormone imbalances, and total loss of libido.

Jan. 11, 1996 - Todd Camp, a graphics editor of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, was transferred from his job because of a letter from an anonymous reader who said he was a freelance cartoonist for a gay newspaper and a threat to children. Executive editor and heterosexual Debbie Price apologized for the "serious oversight."

Plain disgusting
A proudly heterosexual woman was sentenced to die for starving her daughter to death. Michelle Sue Tharp, 31, was convicted of murder in the death of seven-year-old Tausha Lee Lanham, who weighed less than 12 pounds when she died in 1998. The girl's body was dumped along a West Virginia road. Tharp and her heterosexual boyfriend reported that the child had disappeared from a shopping mall. Tharp becomes the fourth woman on Pennsylvania's death row. The boyfriend, Douglas Bittinger, 28, testified that Tharp typically fed her three other children more than Tausha and that the girl foraged for food in garbage cans and drank from the toilet. Bittinger is awaiting trial on homicide charges. [11-15-01]

Suddenly quiet
A man who neighbors said often argued with his female roommate was found cut into pieces and stashed inside the apartment's refrigerator and freezer, police said. The roommate, a middle-aged woman who would not give her name to police, was booked for investigation of murder, said Capt. Jerry Szymanski of the Los Angeles Police Department. Neighbors told police the heterosexual man and woman often argued in their second-story lodgings in a luxury apartment complex in the Canoga Park section of the San Fernando Valley. The victim's niece went to the apartment one morning to see her uncle and found his body, said Officer Lyle Michelson. Szymanski said the woman was being held in a hospital until authorities could learn more about the man's death. The woman had self-inflicted slash wounds that were not life-threatening, he said. The victim's identity was not immediately released. [11-13-01]

"The Shining" reversed
A Cainhoy, South Carolina avowed heterosexual woman was charged with murder for allegedly killing her six-year-old daughter and one-year-old son with an ax. The two children were found lying in tall grass near an abandoned home. Berkeley County coroner Wade Arnette said the children likely were killed inside the family's mobile home, then taken outside. Police searching the home found an ax inside. Perstephanie Simmons, 30, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder after a neighbor reported the children had been harmed. Deputies questioned Simmons, but still don't know what prompted the killings, said Berkeley County Sheriff's Capt. Ricky Driggers. Simmons also has a second daughter, who was taken into protective custody. Police didn't have her age or know where she was when the killings occurred. [11-13-01]

Stupid het father tricks
In Ohio, 17-year-old professional wrestling fan Andrew Teausch and several of his friends decided to hold a mock wrestling match in the front yard. Teausch was planning to debut a new stunt where he leaped from the roof of his house onto a folding table which he had doused in gasoline and set on fire. While his friends videotaped him, the boy jumped from the roof, crashing into the flames below, setting most of his clothes on fire. Amazingly enough, Teausch's heterosexual father, also a wrestling fan, was witness to the whole event, encouraging his son's daredevil plans. The younger Teausch received severe burns, as did the elder Teausch when he tried to extinguish his son. The authorities have demanded the tape as evidence of child endangerment. [11-12-01]

Guess the wife wasn't feeling playful
Openly heterosexual Emery S. Pluff, 59, of South St. Paul, Minn., was arrested for allegedly robbing and molesting his wife (which he did, police said, pretending he was a stranger). For reasons not yet apparent, Pluff allegedly faked going to work one morning and instead donned a black cape and a Halloween mask the family kept in the garage and entered the house, where he surprised his wife and dragged her into a back room. She apparently was not the least bit puzzled by her perpetrator's identity and asked Emery repeatedly why he was doing this. According to police, Emery replied, "I'm not Emery." Police said Emery then took some money from his wife and fled, winding up at work, where he was arrested. [St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2- 8-01]

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