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Ugandan asylum seeker John Bosco Nyombi finally wins right to stay in UK

By Staff Writer, Jun 01 2009

Gay asylum seeker John Bosco Nyombi has finally won asylum in the UK after an eight-year campaign.

"Although I've had a rough time, I'll never say it was Britain that did it to me, but always the Home Office. Without the friends I have here, I wouldn't have survived."

Nyombi arrived in Britain in 2001 after fearing for his safety in Uganda, where gays can be imprisoned for life or even killed.

In September last year, he was forcibly deported just two days after a recent photograph of him had appeared in a Ugandan newspaper. He evaded a first arrest by paying a bribe and then lived in hiding for the next six months. He was caught on two occasions, suffering beatings from both police and other prisoners.

He had allegedly been beaten by British removal officers, who gave him no opportunity to contact friends or lawyers and left him minutes after he arrived in Uganda.

In March, deputy High Court judge Sir George Newman said the Home Office was guilty of "a grave and serious breach" of the law. He added that the actions of the Border Agency officers were "deliberately calculated to avoid any complication that could arise from Mr. Bosco 's removal becoming publicly known".

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and the country's president has openly attacked it, calling it a "negative foreign culture". During his time in office LGBT Ugandans have been repeatedly threatened, harassed or attacked. Many have fled the country. Many gay asylum seekers are being deported from the UK on the premise that they can continue to pursue their sexuality in their native lands if they act "discreetly".

Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, Allsexuals and Gays (JFLAG) A blog designed to help to enrich the lives of Same Gender Loving, Bisexual & Allsexual persons, to objectively look at all points of view contending to arrive at collective reasoning and understanding. Tel:1-876-754-8704, jflagoffice*** or admin*** (replace *** with @ sign). Due to the deadly nature of sanctioned het supremacy in Jamaica, use of the on-site chat forum is for JFLAG members by invitation only. Blog post commenting is open. Their lives are at risk every day.

Dane Harris, 22, Murdered in Jamaica
Looks like it's going to be another 'gay panic' defense

The following two stories are typical of how the murder of a gay man is reported in Jamaican newspapers, like the Jamaica Star. No one should wonder why Jamaica is being boycotted by most of the world's Queers and their supporters.

Of course, it's another case of "gay panic". The murdered person, 22-year-old Dane Harris, is being blamed by his arrested, admitted killers for "making sexual advances" -- with no witnesses except the lead killer -- alleged "homosexual advances" which Dwayne Gordon claims resulted in his uncontrollable defensive execution of Mr. Harris (after Gordon went home and apparently got his friend, Andy Williams, infected with the "gay panic" and the two of them then came back to stab and murder Mr. Harris).

Apparently, the so-called man on the receiving end of the alleged "sexual advances" was so "gay-panicked" (stunned and upset and driven by massive revulsion and terror and instinctive panicked fear, often as a result of flashbacks from traumatic childhood sexual abuse or attempts, which caused him to lose his mind temporarily and strike out uncontrollably until the gay threat was stopped dead), that he had to take the time to leave and go get his friend, Andy Williams, so they could take the time to work together, plotting and returning, then carrying out the ambush, robbery and murder of the man causing the "gay panic" attack.

Jamaican society allows, from top to bottom, the labelling of every gay man or woman as dangerous psychopaths driven by god-hating homosexual urges to aggressively "make sexual advances" toward any heterosexual.

The truth is, most Jamaicans believe that since homosexuals cannot breed (like heterosexuals, and of course we can) then we must "recruit" new homosexuals from among the heterosexuals or homosexuality will slowly die out.

Homosexual offspring are created during pregnancy through the natural triggering of hormone-sensitive adaptive DNA molecules which everyone has, which are related to the drive to propagate the species. It will be a long time before scientists are capable of tracking the types of events which trigger waves of gender and sexual orientation affecting hormone floods in pregnant women at various stages of gestation.

What the people least tolerant of the natural existence and visible lives of homosexual human beings don't understand is that there are automatically fewer homosexuals in those societies which benefit less from their presence.

Current-day Jamaica needs to allow as much gay influence as it can get if it really has hopes of rising above its ongoing grinding poverty. The people they are allowing to filter their information have never been trustworthy or honest. The framework they are living in is a race-based, very classist society, even to the point of brown skin lightness privilege; the toxic left-overs from the racial supremacists of colonialism and missionary religious supremacists. It is meant to guarantee what it has proven to produce: a class of chronically very poor, un-organized, cultishly Christian, very grateful dark-skinned workers to work cheaply under any working conditions or mistreatment, serving the tourists.
From Mar 18 2009
Alleged 'gay' killers charged

Original Story in the Jamaica Star
Two men charged with the murder of a man whose decomposing body was recently found in Havendale, St. Andrew, are accused of killing the man because it was believed that he was gay, the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court heard.

Charged with murder are Dwayne Gordon, 23, and Andy Williams.

The allegations are that Gordon was being interviewed by the police as a possible witness to the crime. His statement however turned into a confession. He reportedly told the police that on February 23, he and Williams stabbed Dane Harris several times.

Sexual advances

It is alleged that Harris made sexual advances towards Gordon, who told Williams about it. The two reportedly devised a plan where Gordon would agree to meet with Harris, so they both could "beat" him.
The court was told, however, that on February 23, when all three met up, Williams reportedly began stabbing Harris. Gordon reportedly told the police that he took the knife from Williams and also inflicted injuries.

The body of the deceased was found on February 26. Gordon told the court that Williams was just a contractor he had met through a relative. When asked if the statement he gave to the police was false, he told the court that the police told him to sign a document and then he saw them writing.

The matter is to be mentioned again on April 3.

From Mar 07 2009
Two to be charged with murder

Original Story in the Jamaica Star
Formal charges are expected to be laid today against two men who police arrested in connection with last week's discovery of a decomposing body found in Havendale, St Andrew.

The police withheld their names.

Decomposing remains

Last Thursday, the Constant Spring police removed the decomposing body of 22-year-old Dane Harris from an open lot in Havendale about 10 a.m., after passersby alerted them. The deceased is said to have been of a Portmore, St. Catherine address.

Police told the Jamaica Star that a post-mortem revealed that the body had multiple stab wounds. Both hands were also missing from the body.

From Feb 28 2009
Decomposing body found, two in custody

Original Story from the Jamaica Star
The decomposing body that police removed from an open lot in Havendale, St. Andrew, on Thursday morning, has been positively identified as that of 22-year-old Dane Harris of a Portmore, St. Catherine, address.

Two men have since been taken into custody in relation to the gruesome find.

Crime chief for the St. Andrew North Police, Deputy Superintendent Altemorth Campbell, said residents called the police to the premises in Kingston 19 about 10:00 a.m. after discovering the body.

The policeman told the Jamaica Star that a post-mortem revealed that the body had multiple stab wounds. Both hands were also missing from the body.

The men in custody are expected to be charged next week.

Press Release from
Mar 13 2009

Hate crimes: the rise of “corrective” rape in South Africa

Lesbian women in South Africa are being raped by men who believe it will “cure” them of their sexual orientation, according to a shocking new report by ActionAid.

Women in townships in Johannesburg and Cape Town are reporting a rising tide of brutal homophobic attacks and murders and the widespread use of “corrective” rape as a form of punishment.

In South Africa, no woman is safe from violence.

The country’s war against its women continues unabated, with an estimated 500,000 rapes, hundreds of murders and countless beatings inflicted every year.

For every 25 men accused of rape in South Africa, 24 walk free.
One lesbian and gay support group says it is dealing with 10 new cases of lesbian women being targeted for “corrective” rape every week in Cape Town alone.
This shameful record has resulted in an increasingly brutal and oppressive culture of male violence, in which women are forced to conform or suffer the consequences.

As part of this oppression, the country is now witnessing a backlash of crimes targeted specifically at lesbian women, who are perceived as representing a direct threat to a male-dominated society.

”Corrective” rape survivors interviewed by ActionAid for the report "Hate Crimes: the rise of corrective rape in South Africa", said that verbal abuse from their attackers before and during the rape included them “teaching us a lesson” and “showing us how to be real women and what a real man tasted like.”

The research was carried out in conjunction with ActionAid partners People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project (LGEP).

Support groups say that rape is fast becoming the most widespread hate crime targeted against gay women in townships across South Africa.

One lesbian and gay support group says it is dealing with 10 new cases of lesbian women being targeted for “corrective” rape every week in Cape Town alone.

Zanele Twala, Director of ActionAid South Africa, said: “So-called ‘corrective’ rape is yet another grotesque manifestation of violence against women, the most widespread human rights violation in the world today. These crimes continue unabated and with impunity, while governments simply turn a blind eye.”

Thirty-one lesbian women have been reported murdered in homophobic attacks since 1998. But support groups stress that because hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognised in the South African criminal justice system, the actual number of women killed is likely to be much higher.

The murderers are walking free. Of the 31 cases, only two have ever made it to the South African courts and there has been only one conviction.

Tsidi, a hate crime survivor from Cape Town said: “Here in South Africa you have judges sending women to jail for stealing a loaf of bread to feed her baby, but men who gang rape women, who murder lesbians... they walk the streets as free men.”

South Africa has one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, guaranteeing the rights of gay and lesbian people. However, the South African legal system has not caught up. Hate crimes on the basis of sexual orientation are not recognised by South African law and the courts refuse to recognise that it plays any part in these cases. The police are reluctant to investigate hate crimes against lesbian women and there is inadequate support for the survivors.

One lesbian woman said: “We get insults every day, beatings if we walk alone, you are constantly reminded that ... you deserve to be raped, they yell, if I rape you then you will go straight, that you will buy skirts and start to cook because you will have learnt how to be a real woman.”

“It is clear that the South African government must put a stop to these crimes against women and fulfill the promises of the constitution. Worldwide, it is utterly unacceptable that millions of women and girls live daily in fear of their lives. The international community have a duty to address violence against women as the most serious threat to security in the world today,” said ActionAid South Africa's Director, Ms. Zanele Twala.

For further information or to arrange interviews in South Africa or the UK please contact Anjali Kwatra on +44 (0)20 7561 7633 or mobile + 44 (0)7941 371357,

graphic link to Better World Campaign web site

In Syria, Gay Iraqis Seek New Life
syria Alive in Baghdad - In Syria, Gay Iraqis Seek New Life

Sudan: blackgayarab - Gay And Proud

Iraqi LGBT (additional video at link) released the above video of an M2F transgendered person in the hands of the Iraqi police. [UPDATE: Stories coming out of Iraq now report that Ali, along with others, has been murdered by Iraq.]

Her male name is Ali, and she was living her life as a woman. She had been living in a safe house on the "underground railroad" in Basra, Iraq, for those threatened with death. This video was apparently made by the pig police for their amusement. It is disturbing in the fact that in addition to showing the police standing around and laughing and making crude remarks in Arabic about Ali's sexuality, it is also dubbed with hate and revenge music in Arabic.

Describing the video, Ali Hili, an Iraqi exile and founder and coordinator of Iraqi LGBT said, "Clearly this is a very feminine-looking man dressed as an Iraqi woman, heavy-set and all dressed in a black traditional garment and veil. He is very sad looking and, you can tell very fearful for what may be coming his way, as off to the side there is a policeman with hair clippers preparing to shave the long black feminine hair from Ali's head. Ali bends over as they shave him. Clearly he has been held for a day or two as he has a growth of a beard in the shaving scene whereas he did not in the beginning of the video. They proceed to shave his head completely [a profound insult to Arabs] and have him stand up to face the cameras and this is where the video ends. We have no word or idea of what has taken place since the video was shot. We are hoping and praying that Ali is still alive." More at: GayCityNews BlackGayArab

Makvan Mouloodzadeh, 21, Murdered by Iran
Makvan Mouloodzadeh has been adopted post-mortem by United Gay Force. His sexual orientation was never known, so statistics undoubtedly point toward his heterosexuality. He was murdered by the Special Supervision Bureau of Iran's Justice Department.
[Read the Nov 05 2007 ILGHRC Action Alert]
This United Gay World Force Independent Communications Unit no longer recognizes any of the honorific titles claimed below, but here are their official addresses: Please also email a copy of your correspondence to IGLHRC at:

The Chief Justice of Iran, Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi, has been rendered legally impotent
Special Supervision Bureau of Justice Department mocks Shahrudi as a powerless figurehead

Although Chief Justice Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi supposedly nullified the impending death sentence of Makvan Mouloodzadeh in his Nov 10 2007 ruling (1/86/8607), despite the fact that he ruled that Makvan Mouloodzadeh's lower-court sentence of death in the eight-year-old case was in violation of Islamic teachings, in violation of the religious decrees of high-ranking Shiite clerics, and in violation of the law of the land, and despite the planet-wide agreements of most nations, including Iran, to ban the execution of children, the Chief Justice of Iran was legally mocked and actually ignored by a small group of low-level review judges, who went ahead, on their own, and illegally murdered Makvan Mouloodzadeh by state-sponsored and executed by hanging at the age of 21.

While it was a 21-year-old body hung to death by the Special Supervision Bureau of the Justice Department, the accused person inside that body was only a 13-year-old boy, wrongfully murdered for actions which did not happen, against non-existent victims.

Makvan Mouloodzadeh and each of the non-victims recanted earlier testimony and testified in court about giving incriminating statements only after extended abuse by police.

A couple of 12- and 13-year-olds had a falling out with one of their friends and did the worst they could to him in an Arab country: they falsely reported to the police that he was gay and had attacked them sexually.

The district attorney's office - which has no jurisdiction in this kind of case under Iranian law - "investigated."

The district attorney found no evidence to convict him of any crime.

Suddenly, Makvan Mouloodzadeh's judge declared he had seen and heard enough to say that Makvan Mouloodzadeh was guilty of committing adult crimes although he was a child: a guilty verdict which is impossible under Iranian law, Islamic law and international law -- by using a special judicial tool which is meant to be used by Islamic judges under very specific circumstances, circumstances which match none of the characteristics of the non-existent case against 13-year-old Makvan Mouloodzadeh.

The former case traffic panel, the Special Supervision Bureau of the Iranian Justice Department, is now more powerful than the legally flaccid Iranian Chief Justice. These more important men used to be just a designated group of judges responsible for reviewing and ordering the retrials of flawed cases that have been flagged by the Iranian Chief Justice for correction. Cases like Makvan Mouloodzadeh's.

Instead, the Special Supervisions Bureau openly belittled the Iranian Chief Justice - as the world watched, listened and recorded for history. The SSB ordered local authorities to carry out the nullified and illegal execution anyway. The locals did so, in secret, without any of the legally mandated witnesses, and without following basic Iranian and Islamic laws covering every state-ordered execution process.

What Iranian Chief Justice Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahrudi says doesn't matter to anyone any more. The Special Supervision Bureau of the Iranian Justice Department is much more important now

By ordering and carrying out the execution of Makvan Mouloodzadeh without facing consequences, the Special Supervision Bureau has proven that their rulings and actions are no longer bound by international, Islamic, Shiite or Iranian laws. Especially obvious now is the fact that the SSB does not have to pay any attention to the useless mutterings of the Chief Justice living on the bottoms of their shoes.

James Kerr, 51, Murdered in England
Life sentence for British teenager guilty of anti-gay murder
Nov 12 2007
Maryam Omidi
Click here for original article

A teenager was sentenced to life imprisonment today for murdering a gay council officer in a homophobic attack.

David Meehan, 19, admitted to murdering James Kerr, 51, in South Inch public park and leaving him for dead while he and his accomplices went to a party.

According to Meehan, the three walked past James Kerr on their way back from the party but ignored their victim, who was still breathing.

Martin Soutar, 21, pled guilty to a charge of culpable homicide and was sentenced to nine years.

The third youth, a 15-year-old who initiated the anti-Queer murder after phoning his friends, will be sentenced tomorrow.

James Kerr was found badly injured by a woman walking her dog in the park early on Sunday, April 22, 2007.

The Perth and Kinross Council employee, who was openly gay, had serious injuries after being repeatedly kicked in the head and was taken to Dundee's Ninewells Hospital where he died a few hours later.

[According to whose testimony?] Kerr started a conversation with the 15-year-old boy in the park, a known cruising area.

Later the boy phoned Meehan and Soutar and summoned them to the park, where they hunted down their victim.

Meehan, Soutar and the 15-year-old all admitted punching him on the face and knocking him to the ground.

Meehan and Soutar admitted kicking James Kerr numerous times on the head. Meehan admitted landing the blows which amounted to murder.

Soutar admitted committing culpable homicide and stealing his victim's lighter and a set of keys as James Kerr lay on the ground.

According to The Herald, a judge told them at the High Court in Edinburgh: "This was a killing of a callous and brutal character which appears to have been marked by a homophobic element."

[more research: was James Kerr "coming on to" the 15-year-old? Is that legal in Britain? note: if it isn't and he was, death sentence is still overkill; if it is legal, if 15 is age of consent in Britain, then their responses were nothing but a (probably booze and) bias-incited, easily solved, cold-hearted murder by three males convinced that they are not kicking the life out of a human being. what the hell does this mean? "... appears to have been marked by a homophobic element."]

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Hello, Iran!
The so-called "Chief Justice" of Iran Shahrudi is an impotent pig, and the so-called "Supreme Leader" of Iran is a neutered dog, compared to the powers taken from them by the Special Supervision Bureau of Iran's (In)Justice Department

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